What do you need to bring to a track day?

What do you need to bring to a track day?

Compulsory Items

  1. Card Driving Licence.
  2. Paper Driving Licence.
  3. Track Day Organiser Indemnity Form.
  4. Circuit Indemnity Form (if needed)
  5. Bike and Key.
  6. Leathers (Back Protector advisable)
  7. Helmet.
  8. Gloves.

What do I need for motorcycle track days?


  1. Tie downs / tow straps.
  2. Canyon dancers / bar straps.
  3. Ramp.
  4. Wheel chock (Optional but extremely helpful for loading the bike)
  5. Bike stand (Only if your bike has no side stand)
  6. Bike key (Don’t be that guy that drives 3 hours to the track and can’t start the bike)
  7. Gas can with gas.

Can you wear shorts on a track day?

Most circuits insist that your arms and legs are covered inside the car (no shorts and T-shirts) and if you have some overalls and boots it makes sense to wear them. If not then we suggest a pair of thin-soled trainers to ensure you have good pedal feel.

Do you need a helmet for track days?

All drivers and passengers must wear crash helmets before being permitted on the track. Helmets are not provided by Donington Park. If you are in an open car (e.g. a Caterham) then you will need to wear a full face helmet or alternatively, an open face helmet will be ok provided you wear eye protection goggles.

What should I wear to a track day?

Your arms, body and legs should all be covered, so no shorts and no T shirts. With regards to shoes, just wear whatever you normally wear to drive your car. Helmets must be worn at all times. Racing gloves are also a good idea but not essential.

Do you need a motorcycle license for a track day?

As I mentioned before, anyone with a motorbike license can go to a track day, though this needs to be either a fully unrestricted one, or a current ACU license. If you’re under 18, you will need an ACU license and be able to prove you’re fast enough to an instructor at the event, so you can keep up with the group.

Do I need gloves for track day?

You might not think you need driving gloves for a track day, but grip the wheel hard enough and long enough, and the blisters on your fingers will say differently. This pair from Sabelt is FIA approved, and looks great.