What do you put under a stairwell?

What do you put under a stairwell?

Practical space under stairs ideas

  • Hide the washing machine away.
  • Create a seating spot.
  • Make an immaculate coat cupboard.
  • Build a dog den.
  • Create some space in the kitchen.
  • Design the perfect hallway storage.
  • Use the space as a pantry.

What do you put under a staircase Nook?

Just add a cushy bean bag chair, a few baskets and bins to store their toys, and perhaps an easel for drawing or painting or a small table for crafts. With that, this space under your stairs may become their favorite corner of the house!

Is the wall under the stairs load bearing?

I’ll put it simply – unless you hear otherwise from a professional, the walls around your stairs are load bearing.

How do you use the space under the stairs?

How To Utilize Space Under The Stairs?

  1. Home Office or Kids’ Homework Area. Under Stairs Home office.
  2. Craft Area. Make a work desk for you to stay engrossed in your favourite craftwork whenever you find the time.
  3. Kids Play Area.
  4. Reading Nook.
  5. Seating Area.
  6. Bookshelf or Showcase.
  7. Pantry.
  8. Crockery Cabinet.

How do you ventilate under stairs cabinets?

Install the fan where convenient and install a small heating system grill on an opposite wall. The fan will ventilate the room and add some heat from the heated area of the house.

Can you cut studs under stairs?

Use a reciprocating saw to remove the studs to fully expose the area. Start by cutting through the studs at the top and then pull or pry the studs away from the floor. Clean up the underside of the stairs of dust, cobwebs and make sure it is insect free.

Can you put a doorway under stairs?

Add a little arched doorway under the stairs that leads into the back bedroom. It’s perfect. This is EXACTLY what I want to do at the end of the hallway. Add a little arched doorway under the stairs that leads into the back bedroom.

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