What do Zomi people speak?

What do Zomi people speak?

Tiddim/Tedim also known as Paite are Zomi which are an ethnic group of Myanmar, India and Bangladesh. They generally inhabited Chin State, Southern Manipur and Chittagong hills Bangladesh. They speak the Zomi language (locally known as Zomi pau) which had a total of about 545,000 speakers in 1990.

Where is Zomi language spoken?

The Tedim or Zomi language is spoken mostly in Burma and India. In Chin State (Khamtunggam), it is spoken in Tedim and Tonzang townships, while in Sagaing Division, it is spoken in Kalay and Mawlaik townships (Ethnologue). Dialects are Sokte and Kamhau (also called Kamhao, Kamhow).

Is Mizo and Zomi the same?

Synonymously and literally, Zomi and Mizo are the same, having the etymological root, ‘Zo’. The term Mizo covers all Zo peoples as does Zomi according to their respective users. It is only a matter of pre-fixation and suffixation of ‘MI’, meaning man or people to ‘ZO’.

Is Burmese and Zomi the same?

Before he left his native Myanmar, Hatlang — who is Zomi, an ethnic minority in the Southeast Asian country as well as Bangladesh and India — picked up an English dictionary.

Where do Zomi people live?

Zomi people are a minority group primarily from Myanmar and also India and Bangladesh. Many are practicing Christians who seek and obtain refugee status due to their religious beliefs. Almost 7,000 Zomi people live in Tulsa, according to Hau Khai, chairman at Zomi Innkuan Oklahoma, a community organization.

Is Zomi an ethnicity?

The Zo people/Zomi are an ethnic group which can be found in India, Myanmar and in Chittagong hill tracks of Bangladesh.

How many Zomi are in the USA?

Zomi USA: How a City in Oklahoma Became Home for an Ethnic Group from Southeast Asia. Nearly 5,000 Zomis, an ethnic minority in Myanmar, Bangladesh, and India, have resettled in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Cin Sianmang Hatlang moved to Oklahoma without knowing English. 10 years later, he owns his own store.

How do you say hello in Chin State?

4 Lam Cung Phungchim Tikah: Hitin na chim khawh: “Hello. We might say something like this: “Hello. Hitin kan chim khawh: “Na dam maw?

Is Zomi the same as Burmese?

Missionaries chose to employ the term Chin to christen those on the Burmese side and the term Zomi on the Indian side of the border.

Are Burmese and Zomi the same?