What does a power chain do for braces?

What does a power chain do for braces?

Orthodontists use power chain braces to close spaces between teeth during orthodontic treatment. They prefer to use them as a solution for moving teeth quickly, and for larger gaps where a tooth might be missing, perhaps due to extraction. Note that power chain braces are typically used toward the end of treatment.

Are power chains the last step in braces?

Usually, power chains become part of your treatment after the first phase of alignment. They can be used to help align your teeth or correct your bite, but are most often used to close gaps between the teeth. You might have a gap after a tooth has been extracted.

How long into having braces do you get power chains?

In circumstances of mild gap closing and corrections, you may need only a month. In other more severe cases, it can take 6 months maybe more. Again, your ortho will know instantly the needs of your mouth. As the wearer of braces, you may not notice the closing of gaps by the power chains.

Does everyone get power chains with braces?

Unlike some orthodontic treatment methods where a person’s age can play a part in the type of treatment, anyone is a candidate for the use of a power chain throughout treatment.

How long do power chains hurt?

It’s normal to experience pain or discomfort after your braces are adjusted, including after a power chain is added or replaced. This typically only lasts for a few days after the adjustment.

How fast do power chains move teeth?

How fast do rubber bands move teeth? Treatment time varies from person to person, but it often takes six months or more for rubber bands on braces to move your teeth.

Can I ask my orthodontist for power chains?

Applying a power chain to your braces is relatively simple. Your orthodontist will first remove the individual ligatures from their brackets. They’ll then replace them with the rings of the power chain.

Why do my power chains hurt so much?

Why is my gap not closing with power chain?

The most common reason as to why braces have a hard time closing some gaps is because of the size, shape, or position of the teeth. A tooth may be too small to properly fill a space between two normally sized teeth. In this circumstance, it’s recommended that the tooth is resized and reshaped in order to fill the gap.

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