What does a purple statice symbolize?

What does a purple statice symbolize?

Long cultivated in the Mediterranean region for its medicinal uses, the statice flower has a distinctive scent and blooms with purple and white blossoms that are ideal for long-lasting dried arrangements. In the language of flowers, statice is associated with memory and remembrance, and means “I miss you”.

What does statice symbolize?

With a misty and seafoam appearance (two more names associated with this wildflower-like plant), in the language of flowers, statice symbolizes remembrance.

Is statice the same as lavender?

Limonium is a genus of 120 flowering plant species. Members are also known as sea-lavender, statice, caspia or marsh-rosemary. Despite their common names, species are not related to the lavenders or to rosemary. They are instead in Plumbaginaceae, the plumbago or leadwort family.

Is purple statice a perennial?

One of the most popular dried flowers available, Limonium sinuatum (Statice) is an erect, short-lived perennial or biennial, often grown as an annual. It boasts dense clusters of papery, funnel-shaped flowers in summer and early fall.

What is the origin of the statice flower?

Basic Statice Flower Information Each flower or flower color is a symbolic representation of an emotion or expression. Of the Mediterranean origin, limonium–commonly called statice–gets its name from the Greek word for “meadow”.

What type of flower is statice?

Annual statice, a vivid Mediterranean flower, is noted for its papery, funnel-shape calyces that bloom in summer….Annual Statice.

genus name Limonium sinuatum
plant type Annual
height 1 to 3 feet
width To 1 foot wide
flower color Blue Purple Orange White Pink Yellow

Where are statice native to?

This is a genus of 120 flowering plant species know as known as sea-lavender, statice, caspia or marsh-rosemary and are in the plumbago or leadwort family. Thay can be found through North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. L. carolinianum or Carolina Sea lavender is native to the coastal eastern USA.

Where is statice found?

It is common to find it in Southern Spain, North Africa, Canary Islands, Israel and in Turkey. It usually grows up in sandy grounds….

Limonium sinuatum
Family: Plumbaginaceae
Genus: Limonium
Species: L. sinuatum
Binomial name

Does statice bloom all summer?

Does Statice Bloom All Summer? Statice will continue to produce stems from it’s basal rosette throughout the summer. It regrows from the base. Each plant produces multiple stems in various stages.

Are statice plants Hardy?

Limonium sinuatum (common statice) a tender perennial species usually grown as a half-hardy annual.

Does statice have a scent?

Statices are perennial flowers that bloom in the spring and summer months. They tend to have an odor, some feeling it is pleasant, and others feeling it is not.

What colors does statice come in?

Statice plants come in a palette of springtime colors including rose, white, pink, yellow, peach, and violet shades. The petite stiff flowers are bracts, and the true flowers are hiding inside. The foliage of statice resembles that of a dandelion in size and habit, ranging from lance-shaped to slightly lobed rosettes.