What does F80 stand for?

What does F80 stand for?

Description. All homeless shelters require an individual holding a Certificate of Fitness for Coordinator of Fire Safety and Alarm Systems in Homeless Shelters (F-80).

Is F80 m3s reliable?

As far as reliability goes, the M3 seems good on paper, even if the 3 Series and the 4 Series cars have a mixed record and finished mid-way down their respective groups in our most recent What Car? Reliability Survey. BMW as a brand finished in 13th place out of 30 manufacturers in the same survey.

Will the F80 M3 hold its value?

The BMW M3 will lose about 66.33% of its value over the first 10 years. The MSRP for the 2021 model will start at $69,900. Expect to pay at least $72,800 if you add the Competition Package. As you view the price and resale value of the BMW M3, you can start to envision yourself in this awesome ride.

How many gears does a F80 M3 have?

The M3 comes with the option of two transmissions, a six-speed manual or BMW’s DCT, a seven-speed twin-clutch automated manual.

Is F80 twin-turbo?

It has been suggested that it will have a displacement of around 3.0-liters and will feature twin-turbo or tri-turbo technology producing a final output of around 450 PS (331 kW / 444 bhp).

What model is F80 BMW?

Generation Five (F80): 2014-2018 C/D tested a 2016 Competition model with the dual-clutch transmission and ripped to 60 mph in a stunning 4.0 seconds. Power came from the “S55” version of BMW’s twin-turbo inline-six engine. This is the first production M3 with a turbocharged engine.

How many miles can a F80 M3 last?

How Long Do BMW M3 Usually Last? You can expect to get between 150,000 and 200,000 miles out of a BMW M3 with regular maintenance and services.

How much is an F80?

Q: What is the average sale price of a BMW M3 – F80? A: The average price of a BMW M3 – F80 is $53,009.

How much do M3 depreciate?

BMW M3 Depreciation

Year Price % Paid
2018 $60,870 79.08%
2017 $54,371 72.2%
2016 $49,990 67.22%
2015 $42,973 57.8%

What transmission is in the F80?

BMW M2 M3 M4 F80 F82 F83 DCT 7 Speed Transmission Automatic Stk#21273.

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