What does Hubbell Lighting do?

What does Hubbell Lighting do?

Hubbell Lighting’s Lighting Solutions Center is a cutting-edge industry education center that hosts seminars, interactive classes, and more.

Who owns Hubbell?

GE Current, a Daintree company, has announced plans to acquire the commercial and industrial (C&I) business of Hubbell Inc. Pending regulatory and governmental approvals, Current will pay $350 million for Hubbell Lighting including all of Hubbell Inc.’s lighting-centric businesses except for Progress Lighting.

What is light certification?

The Lighting Facts® certification makes it mandatory that bulb manufacturers display the lumens value (a measure of the brightness of light emitted by the bulb) on the packaging instead of watts (a measure of the energy consumed by the bulb during a specific time period).

Where is Hubbell Lighting manufactured?

Located in Christiansburg, VA, in the beautiful Blue Ridge mountains, Hubbell Lighting operates a modern 330,000 square foot manufacturing facility, which includes pole manufacturing and the vertical integration of spinning, anodizing and assembly operations.

What is the Edison report?

Online news magazine focused on news and information in the lighting industry. EdisonReport was established in 1998 as a resource to provide information to the industry about the industry. It’s sole focus is on lighting.

What is ETL lighting?

ETL is another electrical safety certification. It’s doled out by Electrical Testing Labs, which is operated by Intertek. ETL tests products to the same safety standards as UL. Like with UL, an ETL mark signifies a product’s safety for the public.

Are Hubbell products made in USA?

Custom optics are designed and manufactured by key domestic suppliers, and SSL luminaires are manufactured and assembled in Hubbell facilities across the U.S., in locations that include Hudson, Wisconsin; Bristol, Pennsylvania; Christiansburg, Virginia; El Dorado, Arkansas; Elgin, Illinois; and Plympton, Massachusetts.

Is Hubble a word?

Hubble definition (astronomy) The Hubble Space Telescope.

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