What does last class mean in horse racing?

What does last class mean in horse racing?

Last Class is the class level of the horse’s last start and can be a useful reference tool comparing the caliber of horses they faced in prior efforts.

What is the finish line called in horse racing?

Also referred to as the paddock. A close race finish, requiring the raceday judge to consult a photo before declaring the winner or a dead-heat. A photo can also help determine the placings behind the winner.

What does last 10 mean in horse racing?

LAST 10 RUNS – finishing positions from its last 10 race starts. An “s” or “-” usually indicates a spell (or break from racing), typically lasting 30+ days. 12 MONTHS: win/place record over the last 12 months, i.e. (7:1:2:0) WIN RANGE: distances a horse has won throughout its career, i.e. 1400-1600m.

What are the classes in horse racing?

There are four primary horse racing classes: claiming races, maiden races, allowance races, and stakes races.

What are some horse racing terms?

Glossary of Racing Terms. abaxial(fracture): See sesamoids. acey-deucy: Uneven stirrups, popularized by Hall of Fame jockey Eddie Arcaro, who rode with his left (inside) stirrup lower than his right, to achieve better balance on turns. across-the-board: A bet on a horse to win, place and show.

How do you read the last 6?

simply represents the horses number in the race.

  1. The (Last 6) simply represents where the horse finished in it’s last 6 starts.
  2. The (Br) simply represents the barrier that each horse starts from.
  3. The (Jockey) is the horses rider.
  4. The (Wgt) is simply the weight which the horse will carry in the race.
  5. The (Form).

How do I read my last 6 sportsbet?

From the race card, clicking on a selection will drop down some basic form as below. Last 6 – The finishing place over the last 6 races. Career – Number of career starts, and the number of first, second, and third places.