What does leash mean in slang?

What does leash mean in slang?

To maintain strict or tight control over someone; to not allow someone very much independence or autonomy.

What does hard leash mean?

A hard leash usually means one or two people stay to kill at as quickly as possible. Some heroes need this for their early jungle if they aren’t designed well enough for it.

What does easy leash mean?

Steam Community. Easy peasy lemon squeezy is an elaboration on easy-peasy, likewise meaning “extremely easy or simple.” One of the earliest documented instances of easy-peasy appears in the 1940 American film The Long Voyage Home, used to advise a character to handle a suspicious box with care.

What does TOP mean in League of Legends?

long lane
Top is a long lane and there is no ally champion to lane with. This means top laners are most often tanks or high damage champions that can make use of the long lane to run down enemies. The 1v1 nature of top also means there are more champion options than any other role.

What does off the leash mean?

If someone is off the leash, they are no longer restricted or controlled.

How do you use the word leash?

put a dog on a leash Dogs must be kept on a leash while in the park. The dog saw a cat and was straining at its leash trying to get at it.

Why is leash training so hard?

Dogs naturally walk at a faster pace than most humans, so they pull just because they’re quicker. Leash walks are often the most exciting part of your dog’s day. This means he’s too excited to think (or be trained). Pulling you around on leash is the best part of their day.

Are gentle leaders cruel?

Today, we will explore the question “Are gentle leaders cruel?” In general, gentle leaders are not cruel when used properly. They act as a mechanism to stop your dog from pulling. Most people confuse gentle leaders with a muzzle which may be considered cruel.

What does ADC means in LoL?

Attack-Damage Carry
The Attack-Damage Carry (ADC), now commonly known as the Marksman, is the main form of physical based damage hitting champion on your team. Typically, the ADC does a sizeable amount of damage to all on the enemy team, with the exception of potentially the Tank.

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