What does make ready mean in apartments?

What does make ready mean in apartments?

Most often seen on multifamily operating statements, ‘Make Ready’ costs refer to minor repairs and maintenance work to an apartment unit in order to ensure that the unit is in a suitable condition before being placed on the market and leased to a subsequent tenant.

How long should a make ready take?

within 72 hours
An average make-ready is complete within 72 hours. Meaning a property manager can expect to have their unit ready for the next tenant faster than ever before. This can be done faster or slower, depending on your needs.

What is the make ready process?

The Make Ready process is the practice of doing what is necessary to transform a task that should be done, usually identified in a phase pull planning session, into a task that can be done. Good Make Ready practices allow the weekly planning and daily work execution to proceed with much less effort.

What does a make-ready mean?

make-ready in American English (ˈmeikˌredi) noun. Printing. the process of preparing a form for printing by overlays or underlays to equalize the impression.

What is make-ready engineering?

Make-Ready Engineering means that portion of Make-Ready Work associated with the preparation, submission, review, and approval of the Network Provider’s Application for Network Node.

What does a make ready mean?

What is make ready work in construction?

Make-Ready Construction means that portion of Make-Ready Work associated with construction work requiring access to a Network Node on a Service Pole, including, but not limited to the movement, transfer, relocation, or modification of an existing Network Node; the replacement of a Service Pole; and all other …

What is make ready engineering?

What is make ready in telecommunications?

Make Ready is a process that prepares poles to receive a new fiber attachment. Most poles are owned by an electric utility or a telecommunications company rather than the local government. For a private network builder to add new equipment to a pole, the owners’ cooperation is critical.

What is aerial Make Ready?

“Fiber make ready” refers to the process of preparing a utility pole to receive a new fiber attachment. This process must be completed when a service provider is expanding fiber service to a new geographical area, but is more complicated and takes more time than many people realize.

What is pole loading analysis?

Stripped down to the basics, pole loading analysis identifies the forces acting on a pole (from the cables, hardware, and more) and analyzes its structural integrity. Pole loading analysis starts with surveying an existing pole (or using build specifications for new lines).