What does Mo mean in ABA?

What does Mo mean in ABA?

Motivating Operations
What’s Your MO? (Motivating Operations) Motivating Operations are quite simply the ‘motivations’ behind a certain behavior. It is what evokes you to do something or stops you from doing something. Motivating Operations are the motivations that encourage or discourage certain behaviors.

What is the difference between an MO and an EO?

The term MO is an umbrella term for EO (establishing operations) and AO (abolishing operations); where EO increases the consequence’s effect (or need for) and AO decreases the consequence’s effect (i.e., reduces need for).

What is an example of Mo in ABA?

Here are a few more examples of M.O.- “Fluid Loading” (providing free, unlimited, highly preferred fluids to drink) a child during potty training, to increase the likelihood they will have to urinate. Removing Skittles as a reinforcer because you notice the child just plays with the candy and doesn’t eat it.

What is the difference between SD and Mo ABA?

There is a difference between motivating operations and discriminative stimuli. Simply: motivating operations make you want or not want something, discriminative stimuli lets you know it’s available.

What are the two environmental effects of an MO ABA?

Motivating Operations: What are they? An MO is an environmental variable or temporary state that alters two things: The effectiveness of a reinforcer. The frequency of behaviors associated with that reinforcer in the past.

What is a behavior analytic statement?

The behavioral statement–also known as the ‘ABC’ (Antecedent-Behavior-Consequence) statement– describes (a) antecedents: events that precede and trigger the problem behavior; (b) behavior: the problem behavior itself; and (c) consequences: events occurring as a result of the behavior that reinforce it in the future.

How does an MO for punishment work?

MOs or sometimes called establishing operation (EOs) refers to a state that changes the value of consequences and elevates their status as reinforcers. For example, not having eaten lunch in a while creates a state of hunger which is a motivating operation that elevates the value of food as a reward for doing work.

What is SD mean for autism?

SD, or discriminative stimulus, is formally defined as “a stimulus in the presence of which a particular response will be reinforced” (Malott, 2007).

What is the SD ABA?

The Discriminative Stimulus is defined as a stimulus in the presence of which a particular response will be reinforced (Malott, 2007, Principles of Behavior). SD is just ABA speak for the demand, instruction, or the event/stimulus that serves as a signal to someone that there is something they need to respond to.

What is an example of Mo?

Most importantly, a MO affects how strongly the person is reinforced or punished by the consequences of their behavior. For example, food deprivation is a motivating operation; if a person is hungry, food is strongly reinforcing, but if a person is satiated, food is less reinforcing.