What does network Location Awareness do?

What does network Location Awareness do?

The Network Location Awareness service provider, commonly referred to as NLA, enables Windows Sockets 2 applications to identify the logical network to which a Windows computer is attached.

What is Msftconnecttest?

Msftconnecttest.com, operated by Microsoft, is an official website that helps check if the Internet connection is accessible. In every computer system, as the user signs in the network, it automatically establishes a connection, and the user can access the Internet.

How does RDP NLA work?

When Duo Authentication for Windows Logon (RDP) is installed on a system where NLA is enabled, the RDP client prompts for the Windows username and password in a local system dialog. That information is used to connect to the remote system and passed through to the Remote Desktop manager.

How do I turn off network location in Windows 10?

Open Settings > Network & Internet > Wi-Fi > Manage known networks > Select a WiFi network > Properties > Turn slider to the Off position the Make this PC discoverable setting.

Is Msftconnecttest redirect a virus?

Msftconnecttest redirect has been identified as a notorious computer infection that falls under the browser hijacker category—which redirects users to unknown domains where they had not intended to visit.

How do I fix Msftconnecttest?

How do I fix the msftconnecttest redirect error?

  1. Open the Start menu and select the Settings app.
  2. Navigate to Network and Internet.
  3. Click on Status, scroll down and select Network Reset.
  4. Click Reset now from the Network Reset screen.
  5. After rebooting, check to see if you can still see the error.

Should I enable NLA?

Network Level Authentication is critical for secure RDP connections. Don’t turn it off. No! Network Level Authentication is how Windows authenticates remote desktop clients and servers before sending your credentials over to a remote machine.