What does Overcharge do in supreme commander?

What does Overcharge do in supreme commander?

It drains a large amount of power (5000 units) to basically Super-charge the ACUs main gun, causing it to fire a shot that deals 12,000 damage to its target. The Overcharge cannon is effective on land and surface naval units, and also does full damage to shields. It cannot be used on air units or submersibles.

Who created Supreme Commander?

Wargaming Seattle
Hellbent Games
Supreme Commander/Developers

How do you upgrade your tech level in Supreme Commander?

To advance in Tech levels, you need to either upgrade your factory, (which will then produce Tech 2 units, notably the Tech 2 engineers) or your ACU, though this is not recommended due to the cost.

Will there ever be a Supreme Commander 3?

A “Supreme Commander 3” title would make every RTS player around the world giddy, but it will not happen. Unless somebody buys the IP and just abuses the name for their own, new, different thing. The main reason is that the company which made SupCom 1 and 2 has been bought by Wargaming (the “World of Tanks” etc.)

What engine does Supreme Commander use?

Lua is the language used by Supreme Commander for most of the high-level game code. SupCom uses a slightly modified version of Lua 5.0. SupCom’s low-level engine is written in C++ and is not accessible to modders.

How many copies did Supreme Commander sell?

Sales of Supreme Commander were solid, hitting around a million retailed copies globally, according to Taylor. It has subsequently sold approximately the same again since its release on Steam, and also received a successful expansion, Forged Alliance.

What happened to supreme commander multiplayer?

“Community-made Forged Alliance Forever keeps Supreme Commander multiplayer alive”. PC Gamer. Retrieved August 28, 2014. The official multiplayer servers for Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance have been decommissioned for a while now, but fortunately […] the community-driven Forged Alliance Forever has emerged.

Is there a supreme commander official strategy book?

“Forging On, Supreme Commander has returned a changed game”. PC Gamer (240): 86–87. Bogenn, Tim (2007). Supreme Commander Official Strategy Guide. Brady Games. ISBN 978-0-7440-0895-1. Rorie, Matthew (February 23, 2007).

What is the rating of supreme commander?

Still, it garnered a rating of 9/10. IGN rated Supreme Commander with the rating of 9/10, with reviewer Charles Onyett giving the game the Editor’s choice award.

Is supreme commander over-ambitious?

GamePro assessed Supreme Commander as an over-ambitious game, with performance (measured in frames per second ), even on high end systems, as a major negative point. The reviewers observed that the game gradually slowed down while playing, and that this process accelerated when using the ‘shift’ key view.

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