What does shut your hole mean?

What does shut your hole mean?

—used to tell someone to stop talking.

What does it mean when someone says shut your face?

Definition of shut one’s face informal. —used to tell someone in a rude way to stop talking She angrily told him to shut his face.

When a door is Shut in your face?

to shut the door in someone’s face slam the door in someone’s face. If someone shuts the door in your face or slams the door in your face, they refuse to talk to you or give you any information.

What is the idiom of in your face?

COMMON If someone or something is in-your-face or in-yer-face, they are direct and forceful, in a way that might shock or offend some people. She was a lively, in-your-face woman who was sometimes too honest for her own good.

What is a cake hole?

Definition of cakehole British, informal. : a person’s mouth Your cakehole [=(US) pie hole] pumps out two and a half pints of saliva a day to moisten food and coat it with substances that help your absorption of nutrients. — Runner’s World, April 2012.

Is Shut your mouth rude?

But some context might be helpful. “Keep your mouth shut” is a very rude, often aggressive or threatening way of telling someone to stop talking, or to not say anything (maybe about a particular subject). You could say it to a friend in a non-serious way, but you wouldn’t say it to someone you were being polite to.

What does banging the door mean?

1. To knock on a door very loudly and forcefully. A: “Who was banging down the door at 6 AM?” B: “The landscaper needed us to move our car.” Quit banging down the door, I’m coming! 2. To passionately or forcefully demand something.

Do not slam the door meaning?

Slang to criticize harshly. 4 intr; usually foll by: into or out of. Informal to go (into or out of a room, etc.) in violent haste or anger.

Is it rude to say in your face?

Rudely confrontational; an expression of extreme contempt. This impolite phrase apparently originated in basketball in the 1970s, where it would be used against one’s opponents.

What does the phrase a bit on the nose mean?

On-the-nose definition (idiomatic) Unimaginative; over-literal; lacking nuance. Wearing that floral dress to a garden party was a little on the nose, wouldn’t you say? adjective.

What is the meaning of Bazoo?

/ (bəˈzuː) / noun. a US slang word for mouth.

Where is your cake hole?

Meaning of cakehole in English a person’s mouth: He was cramming food into his cakehole with alarming speed.

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