What does take behind the woodshed mean?

What does take behind the woodshed mean?

take (one) behind the woodshed To punish, reprimand, or reprove someone, especially discreetly, secretly, or in private. Many suspect that the president took the former aide behind the woodshed over his inflammatory remarks to the press. See also: behind, take, woodshed.

What does it mean to woodshed someone?

severely punish or reprimand
idiom. 1. take someone to the woodshed. to beat or severely punish or reprimand someone.

Where did the term woodshed originate?

woodshed (n.) “shed for keeping wood as fuel,” 1799, from wood (n.) + shed (n.). Sometimes a euphemism for “outhouse.” Figuratively, as the place for private punishment, by 1907, American English colloquial.

What does woodshed mean in country?

woodshednoun. An enclosed, roofed structure, often an outbuilding, used primarily to store firewood. woodshednoun. A place where punishments or reprimands are administered. woodshedverb.

What happens in the woodshed?

What Happened in the Woodshed: The Secret Lives of Battered Children and a New Profession to Protect Them. Although more than one million children are abused each year in the United States, child abuse often remains a secret to family members, professionals, and politicians who neither see nor understand it.

What does it mean to be taken behind the barn?

“Behind the barn” is a short way of saying “behind the barn for a whipping”.

What is a woodshed moment?

An act or instance of punishment or reproval, especially when done discreetly or privately. He’ll be taking a trip to the woodshed when his father hear what he’s done.

What is a woodshed experience?

The Woodshed Guitar Experience is a 3-night retreat, hosted by Andy Wood, for guitar players of all kinds! Jam, create and learn from Andy and his friends, some of the best artists in the industry.

What does woodshed mean in music?

The term woodshedding in jazz means more than just practicing. It is a recognition of the need to sequester oneself and dig into the hard mechanics of the music before you can come back and play with a group in public.

What does the phrase in the barn mean?

He laughed and said something derogatory about me being from California, then said the phrase is a farming phrase meaning there is nothing left to do, the work is done. Basically, the hay had all been cut, bailed and put in the barn and there is nothing more to do.

What is the saying horse out of the barn?

to have tried to prevent something happening, but to have done so too late to prevent damage being done.