What does talk this over mean?

What does talk this over mean?

If you talk something over, you discuss it thoroughly and honestly. He always talked things over with his friends. [ VERB noun PARTICLE + with] We should go somewhere quiet, and talk it over. [

What is the meaning of talk on?

To speak continuously and at length. Mary talked on for nearly two hours about her trip to Japan. The salesperson on the other end of the phone kept talking on and on, so I eventually just hung up on them. 2. To discuss or speak about something.

What is another word for talk over?

In this page you can discover 6 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for talk over, like: discuss, hash-out, consider, consult, deliberate and talk.

What does talk this out mean?

Definition of talk out transitive verb. : to clarify or settle by oral discussion.

Can we talk over call meaning?

This involves very careful positioning of the body sometimes some people even sit or stand whilst performing this action and actually calling some one on the telephone and speaking to them over the “wires” or “phone” quite remarkable the phone you can communicate right across the world best invention for many a year.

What is a talk down?

Definition of talk down intransitive verb. : to speak in a condescending or oversimplified fashion. transitive verb. : to disparage or belittle by talking. Synonyms & Antonyms Example Sentences Learn More About talk down.

What does tuck in bed mean?

Definition of tuck in : to make (someone, such as a child) secure in bed by tucking the edges of sheets, blankets, etc. under the mattress.

What means mulling over?

to give serious and careful thought to.

What is the meaning of talk off?

Talk-off definition Filters. An unintentional command activation when a human voice generates the same tone as a control signal.

What does let’s talk it out mean?

(talk something out) to discuss a problem thoroughly with someone who disagrees with you about it. You need to sit down with her and talk this out.

What to do if someone talks over you?

5 Polite Ways to Deal With People Who Not-So-Politely Keep Interrupting You

  1. Let it Go. Sometimes, the best thing you can do when faced with an interruption is nothing at all.
  2. Set Expectations Immediately.
  3. Just Keep Going.
  4. Ask Questions.
  5. Address it Head-on.