What does the landlady say in The Fugitive?

What does the landlady say in The Fugitive?

Helen Kimble’s 911 call is treated as the most damning piece of evidence against Richard, yet it starts with her saying “There’s someone in my house” (i.e. a stranger). If Richard was her attacker, she would not have referred to him as “someone”.

Who played Dr Kimble’s wife in The Fugitive?

Dr. Richard Kimble’s murdered wife Helen (née Waverly) was portrayed in flashbacks in three episodes, including season one’s “The Girl from Little Egypt” and (uncredited) in season four’s “The Judgment: Part II” by Diane Brewster.

Who played Harrison Ford’s wife in The Fugitive?

Jane Lynch, who was cast as Dr. Kathy Wahlund in one of her first film roles, recalled having that experience, with both Ford and herself working out new dialogue for their scene right before they filmed it as Ford “didn’t like the scene as it was written.”

Which actor had an early role as a doctor in 1993’s The Fugitive?

Alec Baldwin
Alec Baldwin was first choice to play Dr. Richard Kimble. When he dropped out, Andy Garcia was considered for the role, but later worked with Andrew Davis on “Steal Big Steal Little” (1995).

Why does Kimble return to Chicago?

Kimble is tracking down the murderer(s) of his wife. Dr. Kimble wants to obtain the identity of the person responsible for his wife’s murder.

Who is Charles Charlie Nichols?

Charles Nichols is the main antagonist in the 1993 film adaptation of The Fugitive. He was portrayed by Jeroen Krabbé, who is also known for playing Georgi Koskov in the James Bond film The Living Daylights and Gianni Franco in the 1989 adaptation of The Punisher.

Was Julianne Moore in The Fugitive?

The Fugitive (1993) – Julianne Moore as Dr. Anne Eastman – IMDb.

Why does Tommy Lee Jones walk with a limp?

The actor broke his ankle while practicing Ty Cobb’s infamous cleats-up slide. Despite the severity of the injury, Jones continued to work.

What happened to the real Dr. Richard Kimble?

Convicted in Ohio of murdering his wife, Marilyn. He spent a number of years in prison. Subsequently retried and exonerated. Went on to work as a professional wrestler, “The Killer.” Died in 1970.

Could Richard Kimble survive the jump?

Dr Richard Kimble – The Fugitive Cue everyone, apart from U.S. Marshal Gerard (Tommy Lee Jones), saying there’s no way he could have survived that, and symbolically wiping their hands clean.

Who is Charles Nichols in The Fugitive?

Jeroen Krabbé
Charles Nichols was played by Jeroen Krabbé in the movie The Fugitive. Charles Nichols is a Dutch-American doctor who worked at a pharmaceutical company, Devlin MacGregor and was a trusted friend and former colleague of Dr. Richard Kimble (the protagonist of the film).