What does The Seafarer represent?

What does The Seafarer represent?

According to the narrator, wealth is not measured by the amount of possessions one has, but the amount of things he has done right in the eyes of God. Thus we see, “The Seafarer” is not just a poem recounting one man’s experience, but rather it serves as a symbol of guidance for those seeking the acceptance of God.

What is the message at the end of The Seafarer?

Which of the following best describes the speaker’s message at the end of “The Seafarer”? Those who walk with God shall be rewarded.

What type of Anglo-Saxon poem is The Seafarer?

The Seafarer, with other poems including The Wanderer in lesson 8, is found in the Exeter Book, a latter 10th century volume of Anglo-Saxon poetry. The poem is an elegy, characterized by an attitude of melancholy toward earthly life while, perhaps in allegory, looking forward to the life to come.

How is The Seafarer an Anglo-Saxon poem?

The seafarer may be without a liege-lord, but he addresses those whose duty is to both lord and Lord (Jesus): like an Anglo-Saxon kenning which brings together two images to describe something else, ‘The Seafarer’ is a poem that brings together the secular and religious and shows what they have in common.

What does the sea in the poem represent?

In the poem ‘Photograph’, the sea represents timelessness. The poet says that the sea ‘… appears to have changed less’. The sea is an element of nature where time has little or almost no influence.

Why does The Seafarer continue to return to the sea?

The seafarer explains that his heart and soul are connected to the sea; he feels as if the whales’ home is also his home. When he is on the sea, he is moved by the “open ocean” and his heart is “ravenous with desire” to sail to the “widest corners of the world.”

What is the speaker trying to find in The Seafarer?

According to the narrator, man’s goal is to get to heaven. The narrator is more concerned with life on Earth than in heaven.

What is the tone of The Seafarer?

The speaker’s tone is sad and forlorn. There is a sense of both desperation and futility in the speaker’s voice as he laments his life at sea.

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