What does the weir equation measure?

What does the weir equation measure?

units the suppressed rectangular weir equation becomes Q = 1.84 B H3/2, where Q is the water flow rate in m3/sec, B is the length of the weir (and the channel width) in m, and H is the head over the weir in m.

What is the weir coefficient?

The weir coefficient, since it is a function of the gravitational constant, is not dimensionless and therefore has different values depending on which unit system you are using. For example, a weir coefficient (C) of 3.00 in English Units would be 1.66 in SI units.

How a weir can be used to measure the flow rate of a stream?

The depth of water above the base of a weir is related to the flow rate through it; therefore, the weir can be used as a flow measuring device. The relationships of flow over weirs can be obtained by applying the energy equation from a point well upstream of the weir to a point just above the weir crest.

What are weirs used for?

Weirs are commonly used to control the flow rates of rivers during periods of high discharge. Sluice gates (or in some cases the height of the weir crest) can be altered to increase or decrease the volume of water flowing downstream.

What is weir flow?

A flow measuring weir is simply a structure over which water flows in such a way that volumetric flow rate can be calculated…. it lets you know how much water is flowing. Many times a flow measuring weir is simply a thin plate across a flow stream, but weirs can also be broad, thick structures.

What is an overflow weir?

An overflow weir maintains liquid level as liquid is displaced as parts are introduced into the process tank. When parts are introduced into the process tank, they displace an amount of liquid equivalent to their volume. Without an overflow weir, the liquid depth in the process tank would increase.

What is a weir overflow?

A weir is an overflow structure that is used to alter flow characteristics. In the example below, the water is flowing from left to right. The black triangular-shaped structure is the weir. It is impeding the flow of water causing the water to flow over the weir structure.

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