What does the word cadaverous mean?

What does the word cadaverous mean?

Definition of cadaverous 1a : of or relating to a corpse the cadaverous odors of the battlefield. b : suggestive of corpses or tombs. 2a : pallid, livid. b : gaunt, emaciated grossly underweight, he appeared cadaverous, like a living skeleton.

Is cadaverous a real word?

Cadaverous is used to describe a person who looks as if they were dead, such as someone who looks especially thin, pale, or bony. Cadaverous is an adjective form of cadaver—a dead body, especially a dead human body.

Who is an emaciated person?

The adjective emaciated evolved from the Latin emaciatus, meaning to “make lean, waste away.” An emaciated person or animal isn’t just thin. They’re bony, gaunt, and most likely undernourished, often from illness.

What is a phantasmagoric state?

1 : an exhibition of optical effects and illusions. 2a : a constantly shifting complex succession of things seen or imagined. b : a scene that constantly changes. 3 : a bizarre or fantastic combination, collection, or assemblage.

Where does ramshackle originate from?

The word is an alteration of ransackled, an obsolete form of the verb ransack, meaning “to search through or plunder.” (Ransack in turn derives, via Middle English, from Old Norse words meaning “house” and “seek.”) A home that has been ransacked has had its contents thrown into disarray, and that image may be what …

How do I use ramshackle?

Ramshackle in a Sentence 🔉

  1. I will be surprised if your ramshackle car can make it out of the driveway.
  2. To build new subdivisions, the city is tearing down all of the ramshackle houses that were abandoned after the hurricane.
  3. The ramshackle table collapsed during our Thanksgiving meal.

What does it mean to debase a woman?

: causing a lowering of someone or something in status, esteem, quality, or character …

What does it mean to debase oneself?

Definition of self-debasement : the act or process of lowering oneself in status, esteem, quality, or character : the act or process of debasing oneself humility bordering on self-debasement.