What does tonsillitis look like in a child?

What does tonsillitis look like in a child?

Inflamed tonsils look red and swollen, and may be covered with a yellow or whitish coating or spots. A child with tonsillitis may have: a sore throat. fever.

What does viral tonsillitis look like?

Your tonsils will be red and swollen, and your throat may be very painful, making swallowing difficult. In some cases, the tonsils are coated or have white, pus-filled spots on them. Other common symptoms of tonsillitis include: high temperature (fever) over 38C (100.4F)

How do you treat viral tonsillitis in children?


  1. Encourage rest. Encourage your child to get plenty of sleep.
  2. Provide adequate fluids.
  3. Provide comforting foods and beverage.
  4. Prepare a saltwater gargle.
  5. Humidify the air.
  6. Offer lozenges.
  7. Avoid irritants.
  8. Treat pain and fever.

How long does viral tonsillitis last?

How long tonsillitis lasts. Symptoms will usually go away after 3 to 4 days. Tonsillitis is not contagious, but most of the infections that cause it are, for example, colds and flu.

Do you get white spots with viral tonsillitis?

White spots on tonsils caused by tonsillitis If you have white spots on your tonsils it could be a sign of tonsillitis. Tonsillitis is usually a viral infection, and symptoms tend to go away after a week.

Is viral tonsillitis contagious?

Tonsillitis isn’t contagious, but the infectious organisms that cause it can pass to other people for 24 to 48 hours before you develop any symptoms. They may still be able to spread to others until you’re no longer sick.

Should my child go to school with tonsillitis?

You can still send your child to school if they have a sore throat. But if they also have a high temperature, they should stay at home until it goes away. A sore throat and a high temperature can be symptoms of tonsillitis.

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