What does trifle mean?

What does trifle mean?

Trifle comes from the Middle English trufle, meaning “fraud, joke, trick.” You’ll usually hear it used to mean “insignificant, trivial.” If you write a little ditty to sing at a birthday party, you could say it’s just a trifle.

What does to trifle with someone mean?

Definition of trifle with : to treat or deal with (someone or something) in a way that shows a lack of proper respect or seriousness You shouldn’t trifle with their feelings.

What is an example of a trifle?

An example of trifle is a matter that is not very important and that doesn’t merit a lot of consideration. An example of trifle is a dessert with wine soaked spongecake, strawberry jelly and whipped cream.

What is a synonym trifle?

Some common synonyms of trifle are coquet, dally, flirt, and toy. While all these words mean “to deal with or act toward without serious purpose,” trifle may imply playfulness, unconcern, indulgent contempt. to trifle with a lover’s feelings.

Where does the term trifle come from?

Trifle comes in from Old French in the 13th century and has meant basically the same thing for much of its history. It started off as a way to refer to a false tale or foolishness or something trivial. By the 1300s, it can also refer to a small knick knack and by the 1500s, a small sum of money.

How do you use trifle in a sentence?

Trifle sentence example

  1. That the people themselves did not regard the reform as a trifle is plain from the numerous rebellions against it.
  2. He was getting just a trifle fed up with appearing like a country hick.
  3. Of course, it seems an awfully silly little trifle to talk about.

What is trifle antonym?

Complete Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms triflenoun. Antonyms: treasure, portent, phenomenon, crisis, conjuncture, importance, urgency, weight, necessity, seriousness. Synonyms: bauble, bagatelle, toy, straw, nothing, triviality, levity, joke, cipher, bubble, gewgaw, kickshaw, rush.

What is the opposite of trifle?

trifle. Antonyms: treat, cope, tackle, grapple, deal. Synonyms: toy, play, dally, wanton, quibble, fribble.

Why is it called trifle?

According to FoodTimeline, the name trifle comes from “the Old French trufe (or truffle), meaning something of little importance.” For us, this means that dessert trifles should be easy to assemble, serve and eat. Take a look at these other easy dessert recipes that also come together in a snap.

What is a sentence for skein?

(1) a twisted skein of lies. (2) Sally held the skein of wool while her mother wound it into a ball. (3) She’d obtained a Skein of Geese matchbook from somewhere. (5) A knotted skein of nylon straps was looped round his chest.

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