What does TUV certified mean?

What does TUV certified mean?

What Does TÜV Product Certification Mean? Highly recognized worldwide as a trademark of trust and quality, a TÜV certification ensures that a product, service, or process has been tested for safety and that it complies with the requirements of national, regional, and international regulations.

Is TUV certification mandatory?

These products are subject to mandatory testing and certification by an independent third-party testing organization who is accredited in the respective country. TÜV Rheinland offers the services and expertise required to test and certify products and equipment in order to get them to the North American market faster.

What is TÜV Rheinland certification?

When both consumers and manufacturers see a TÜV Rheinland certification mark, they can be assured that they are buying a safe product that has been investigated to particular safety requirements by an accredited third party and is supported by regular surveillance audits and factory inspections.

How do I check my TUV?

Open TÜV Rheinland’s certificate database and enter the certificate number, product module or license holder on the corresponding page to search for the relevant certificate. Method 1: Visit the TÜV Rheinland website (www.tuv.com) and find the “Certipedia” portal on the home page.

What is TUV test report?

TÜV SÜD is a brand synonymous with quality and safety. Our certification marks, certificates and test reports demonstrates our customers’ commitment to quality, safety and sustainability. They instil confidence in end consumers about a product’s safety,quality and sustainability attributes.

Where can I find my TUV certificate online?

By entering the number at www.certipedia.com , consumers can directly view the test contents of the certificate.

What is TUV company?

Our Company. TUV India Pvt. Ltd. (TUV NORD Group) is a customer-focussed, innovative and independent, technical, quality & safety services organization, dedicated to providing future- proof solutions through technological excellence for the success of its customers with the highest level of integrity.