What does Wilcon Depot do?

What does Wilcon Depot do?

Wilcon Depot, Inc. supplies home improvement and construction materials. The Company offers building materials, appliances, plumbing and sanitary wares, paints, housewares, hardwares, tools, furniture, electrical, lighting, furnishing, tiles, and flooring products.

Who is the owner of Wilcon Depot?

Wilcon CorporationWilcon Depot / Parent organization

What kind of company is Wilcon Depot?

Wilcon Depot, Inc. engages in the retail of construction supplies. Its products include appliances, automotive, building materials, doors and moldings, electrical, hardware, home interior, house wares, outdoor living, paint and sundries, plumbing, sanitary wares, tiles, and tools. The company was founded by William T.

How many wilcon depots are there?

Wilcon Depot, the country’s leading home improvement and building store, recognized all the significant events and achievements for the whole year of 2021. Coming from its humble beginnings, the retail giant has successfully opened ten new stores and ended 2021 with 73 stores nationwide.

Is Wilcon Depot an international company?

Wilcon Depot, Inc., (WLCON) was incorporated on December 17, 2015 as a home improvement and construction supplies retailer. WLCON is a subsidiary of Wilcon Corporation (WC), formerly Wilcon Builder’s Depot, Inc….Company Information.

Business Address No. 90 E. Rodriguez Jr. Avenue, Ugong Norte, Quezon City
Website http://www.wilcon.com.ph

Who is William Belo?

William Belo is the founder and chairman emeritus of Wilcon Depot, a big-box retailer of home improvement and construction products. The company also sells electrical, plumbing, houseware and furniture products under its own brand line.

Who is William Bello?

When was wilcon founded?

About Wilcon Started in 1977 as a 60-square meter hardware store, Wilcon is now boasting a 56-strong store network nationwide with an average size of 10,000 square meters per store and the only publicly listed company in its sector.

How many wilcon branches are there in the Philippines?

Wilcon Depot now has 18 branches in Metro Manila and 55 stores in key cities and municipalities of Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. The retail giant is surely looking forward to fulfilling its goals set as Wilcon plans to open 10 stores in 2022.

Who is the richest man in the Philippines 2020?

Manuel B. Villar, Jr.
REAL ESTATE tycoon and former politician Manuel B. Villar, Jr. is still the richest Filipino on Forbes’ 2022 World’s Billionaires List, after his net worth jumped by 15% to $8.3 billion (around P426. 6 billion).

How old is Vicky Belo?

65 years (January 25, 1957)Vicki Belo / Age

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