What does word predisposition mean?

What does word predisposition mean?

noun. the fact or condition of being predisposed: a predisposition to think optimistically. Medicine/Medical. tendency to a condition or quality, usually based on the combined effects of genetic and environmental factors.

How do you use predisposition in a sentence?

Some people also have a genetic predisposition to the condition. But in both men and women there is also a genetic predisposition to knee problems. Almost certainly she has a genetic predisposition. Some patients have no desire to be informed about the genetic predisposition of them or their families to disease.

What does predisposition mean in psychology?

n. 1. a susceptibility to developing a disorder or disease, the actual development of which may be initiated by the interaction of certain biological, psychological, or environmental factors.

What is a predisposing cause?

a factor that increases the probability that a mental or physical disorder or hereditary characteristic will develop but that is not the immediate cause of it. Compare precipitating cause.

What is a predisposition matter?

Predisposition: The inclination of a person to engage in a certain behavior, specifically a certain type of illegal behavior. It is a defense to most crimes that the defendant was entrapped into committing the crime, either by a law enforcement officer or by someone working as an agent of a law enforcement officer.

What are philosophical predispositions?

A predisposition or predisposing cause is any set of factors which while not be a direct cause make it more likely that a subject will display a personality trait or characteristic, or develop a particular disorder or behavior.

What is predisposition attitude?

Dealing with a person’s feelings toward the person or object. Attitude. A predisposition to respond in a favorable or unfavorable way to objects or persons in one’s environment. Behavioral justification.

Does predisposed mean busy?

Indisposed definition (informal) Otherwise occupied; busy, unavailable, etc.

What is a predisposing condition?

A condition that exists within an organization, a mission/business process, enterprise architecture, or information system including its environment of operation, which contributes to (i.e., increases or decreases) the likelihood that one or more threat events, once initiated, will result in undesirable consequences or …

What are learning predispositions?

The tendency for learned behavior to drift toward instinctual behavior over time. Biological Predispositions. Can constrain an animal’s capacity for operant conditioning; organisms are biologically predisposed to learn associations that are naturally adaptive.

What are predisposing characteristics?

Predisposing characteristics include demographic and social factors that influence susceptibility for health or illness and one’s attitude toward obtaining care.