What E1527-13?

What E1527-13?

E1527-13 contains an updated section on Regulatory Agency File and Records Review, which clarifies that an environmental professional should review regulatory agency files when potential sources are identified within the applicable ASTM search distances, or provide a detailed explanation why it believes that such as …

What is current ASTM standard?

ASTM E1527-21 is now the standard for performing Phase I ESAs, which are crucial to many property transactions, as they facilitate the applicability of U.S. EPA’s all appropriate inquiries (AAI) rule, which, when followed, provides certain innocent purchaser or lessee protections from CERCLA liability.

Has the ASTM E1527-21 been approved?

On March 14, 2022, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) issued a direct final rule approving ASTM International (ASTM) Standard E1527-21 as an additional standard meeting the all appropriate inquiry (AAI) component for potential liability protections under the Comprehensive Environmental Response.

What is new in the ASTM E1527-21?

The new E1527-21 Standard provides guidance regarding whether environmental consultants are to include emerging contaminants, such as PFAS, in their scope of work when conducting Phase I ESAs until an emerging contaminant is regulated as a federal CERCLA hazardous substance.

How long are Phase I ESA good for?

How Long is a Phase I ESA Valid? You may be wondering on the specifics of how long a Phase I ESA is good for in the eyes of the law for a property. The simple answer is one year – if the Phase I ESA was completed more than 365 days ago then it must be re-completed as it is no longer valid.

What is a vapor encroachment condition?

The ASTM definition of a Vapor Encroachment Concern or “VEC” is “the presence or likely presence of chemical of concern vapors in the subsurface of the target property caused by the release of vapors from contaminated soil and/or groundwater either on or near the target property.”

How long is an ASTM Phase I good for?

ASTM Standards state how long a Phase I ESA is good for. Beyond one year, and the Phase I is no longer presumed to be valid. To summarize, a Phase I is good for 6 months. After 6 months, it needs a comprehensive update. After one year, it’s no longer valid.

What are ASTM masks?

Wearing a facemask that has been ASTM-rated will ensure that your nose and mouth (breathing area) are protected against fluids, microorganisms, and particulates at the level to which the mask is rated (i.e., 1, 2, or 3 specifications). However, these masks do not provide protection again airborne diseases.

What is new in the ASTM E1527 21?

What is required for a Phase I ESA update?

A review of title documentation for evidence of environmental liens on the subject property/site; An interview with the subject property/site owner’s representative; A description of the regional geologic and hydrogeologic setting for the subject property/site; and. Preparation of a written report.

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