What happened in Book 18 of The Odyssey?

What happened in Book 18 of The Odyssey?

Summary: Book 18 Another beggar, Arnaeus (nicknamed Irus), saunters into the palace. For a beggar, he is rather brash: he insults Odysseus and challenges him to a boxing match. He thinks that he will make quick work of the old man, but Athena gives Odysseus extra strength and stature.

What happens in chapter 17 of The Odyssey?

Telemachus goes into the city; the suitors are friendly to him, but their intentions are dark. He tells Penelope that Menelaus had heard that Odysseus had been trapped on Calypso’s island. Theoclymenus adds his prophecy: he says that Odysseus is in Ithaca as they speak, plotting revenge.

What happened in Book 19 of the Odyssey?

Summary: Book 19 Telemachus tells Eurycleia that they are storing the arms to keep them from being damaged. After they have safely disposed of the arms, Telemachus retires and Odysseus is joined by Penelope.

What is The Odyssey about short summary?

The Odyssey is Homer’s epic of Odysseus’ 10-year struggle to return home after the Trojan War. While Odysseus battles mystical creatures and faces the wrath of the gods, his wife Penelope and his son Telemachus stave off suitors vying for Penelope’s hand and Ithaca’s throne long enough for Odysseus to return.

What are 5 themes in The Odyssey?

The Odyssey Themes

  • Fate, the Gods, and Free Will. Three somewhat distinct forces shape the lives of men and women in The Odyssey: fate, the interventions of the gods, and the actions of the men and women themselves.
  • Piety, Customs, and Justice.
  • Cunning, Disguise, and Self-Restraint.
  • Memory and Grief.
  • Glory and Honor.

What happens in Book 16 of The Odyssey?

Summary: Book 16 Eumaeus thus goes to the palace alone to tell Penelope that her son has returned. When father and son are alone in the hut, Athena appears to Odysseus and calls him outside. When Odysseus reenters the hut, his old-man disguise is gone, and he stands in the pristine glory of his heroic person.

What happens in Book 21 of The Odyssey?

Summary: Book 21 Penelope gets Odysseus’s bow out of the storeroom and announces that she will marry the suitor who can string it and then shoot an arrow through a line of twelve axes. Telemachus sets up the axes and then tries his own hand at the bow, but fails in his attempt to string it.