What happened Ray Winstone?

What happened Ray Winstone?

Hard man actor Ray Winstone has revealed he’s been stranded in Italy since the country went into lockdown over coronavirus. The star of Sexy Beast, 63, was out there making a short film when the virus struck and everyone had to go into quarantine.

What else was Ray Winstone in?

He has appeared in a wide variety of feature films, including Nil by Mouth (1997), Sexy Beast (2000), Love, Honour and Obey (2000), Ripley’s Game (2002), The Magic Roundabout (2005), Beowulf (2007), Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008), 44 Inch Chest (2009), London Boulevard (2010), Hugo (2011).

Is Jaime Winstone related to Ray Winstone?

She is the daughter of actor Ray Winstone and his wife Elaine McCausland. She has two sisters, Lois (born 1982), who is a singer and sometime actress, and Ellie (born 2001). Jaime grew up in Enfield, North London, where she occasionally attended Enfield County School, a local state school.

What does Jaime Winstone do?

Film actor
Jaime Winstone/Professions

Who is Ray Winstone dad?

Raymond J. WinstoneRay Winstone / Father

Who is Jamie Winstones dad?

Ray WinstoneJaime Winstone / Father

Was Ray Winstone in birds of a feather?

Birds of a Feather (TV Series 1989–2020) – Ray Winstone as Malcolm, Prison Warder – IMDb.

Who is Ray Winstones daughter?

Jaime Winstone
Ellie Rae WinstoneLois Winstone
Ray Winstone/Daughters

Where is Ray Winston from?

Homerton, London, United KingdomRay Winstone / Place of birth

Who was Ray Winstone dad?

Why did they change Garth in Birds Of A Feather?

Samuel James has joined the cast of Birds of a Feather. The British star is replacing Matt Willis in the role of Garth Stubbs for the second series. Musician and actor Matt decided to leave the sitcom to focus on his commitments with band McBusted.

Why did Daryl and Chris change in Birds Of A Feather?

Trivia. Alun Lewis played Darryl from 1989 until 1994. Lewis was unable to reprise the role for Season Seven due to his commitments to Emmerdale, and was replaced by Douglas McFerran.

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