What happened Swanandi Tikekar?

What happened Swanandi Tikekar?

Actress Swanandi Tikekar, who got injured and underwent her knee surgery two years ago, recently revealed how she successfully fought back. She narrated her path to recovery through an Instagram post. Swanandi also shared with fans that she started loving her scars more after the injury.

Who is the father of Swanandi Tikekar?

Uday TikekarSwanandi Tikekar / FatherUday Tikekar is an Indian film and television actor. He began his career in Marathi theatre, also putting up performances in Hindi theatre. He is married to classical singer Arati Ankalikar-Tikekar, who is a 2-time National Film Award winner. Wikipedia

Where was Swanandi Tikekar born?

Mumbai, IndiaSwanandi Tikekar / Place of birth

Why Swanandi Tikekar left Indian Idol?

Swanandi was in isolation for a few days after testing positive for COVID19. The actress could not shoot for Indian Idol Marathi’s Republic Day special episodes and in her absence actress, Maharashtrachi Hasya Jatra host Prajakta Mali decided to step into the shoes of Swanandi for a few episodes.

Who is anchor of Indian Idol Marathi?

The makers have shared the promo of the popular music composer and singer duo Ajay-Atul and informed everyone that they would be the show’s judges. Indian Idol Marathi will be hosted by actress-singer Swanandi Tikekar.

Who is Indian Idol Marathi winner?

Sagar Mhatre
Sagar Mhatre Wins Indian Idol Marathi Season 1; Jagdish Chavan First Runner-Up. Talking about other contestants of the show, Jagdish Chavan became the first runner-up and won prize money of Rs 3 lakhs.

Where did Sakhi Gokhale got married?

Sakhi and Suvrat had a fairytale wedding at the actress’s farmhouse.

Who won Marathi Indian Idol 2021?

Indian Idol Marathi Contestants List

Sr No. Contestant Name Status
1 Shweta Dandekar 2nd Runner-up
2 Shubham Khandalkar Eliminated (22 December 2021)
3 Surabhi Kulkarni Eliminated (5 January 2022)
4 Sagar Mhatre Winner 🏆

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