What happened to SyncToy?

What happened to SyncToy?

Update: Microsoft no longer supports this software and it’s no longer available to download from Microsoft. Late yesterday, Microsoft released a new version of its Freeware SyncToy utility – version 2.1 (build 2.1. 0.0) for Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7.

Does SyncToy still work on Windows 10?

SyncToy Windows 10 FAQ SyncToy 2.1 can work perfectly on Windows 10. If you are using this program in Windows 7/8 and you will be happy since you can continue using it on Windows 10. Just download SyncToy from Microsoft’s website and have a try.

Does Microsoft have a replacement for SyncToy?

If you are looking for an alternative software for Microsoft SyncToy, EaseUS EverySync is the best choice for you. This software allows you to sync whatever you want including files and file folder etc between computers and removable devices, network share, Cloud and FTP Server etc.

How do I reset SyncToy?

Fix 2: Repair using Microsoft Sync Framework For SyncToy failed to create folder pair or the provider trouble, go to Add/Remove programs in Control Panel and find the entry that says Microsoft Sync Framework 2.0 Provider Services. Then, click the entry and select Repair. Finally, restart SyncToy.

Does SyncToy work in Windows 11?

Before installing SyncToy on Windows10/11 you need to enable . Net Framework 3.5 (Includes . Net 2.0 and 3.0). To do this go to Control Panel>Programs and Features>Turn Windows feature on or off, then tick the box next to .

Is there a SyncToy for Mac?

SyncToy is not available for Mac but there are plenty of alternatives that runs on macOS with similar functionality. The best Mac alternative is Syncthing, which is both free and Open Source.

What is better than SyncToy?

The best alternative is Syncthing, which is both free and Open Source. Other great apps like SyncToy are FreeFileSync, rsync, IPFS and SyncBack.

Will SyncToy work with Windows 11?

How do I use SyncMate on my Mac?

To demonstrate that syncing Mac data with SyncMate is as easy as can be, we’ve listed main sync steps below.

  1. Establish connection. Once SyncMate is installed and launched, choose the device you want to sync.
  2. Choose data to be synced.
  3. Start the sync process.

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