What happened to Voksi?

What happened to Voksi?

In a post on CrackWatch, a subreddit focused on removing copy protection software from games, Voksi explained that his hacking website REVOLT had gone dark after police raided his house and took him into custody. “It finally happened,” he wrote. “I can’t say it wasn’t expected.

Is CPY retired?

After a long hiatus, CPY became active again in October 2020, releasing cracked copies of eFootball PES 2021, A Total War Saga: Troy, Mafia: Definitive Edition and Death Stranding in a single day, all of which featured the latest version of Denuvo DRM.

What happened to Denuvo?

Doesn’t really matter, tbh, denuvo was beaten, which was the entire point, killing it was never their goal. i recall that the dude who found away to crack them day one just decided to give up & let himself get arrested, the crackers just lost interest after this event & moved on.

Who cracked rdr2?

Yes, the rumors are accurate; after over a year on the PC market, Red Dead Redemption 2 has finally been cracked with credit being offered to two scene members, EMPRESS and Mr. Goldberg managed to work together to remove Rockstar’s layered DRM from the title.

Can CPY crack Denuvo?

So far, the toughest Denuvo protections have been cracked by the two groups called CPY and Empress, surprising the entire cracking community by defeating the highest DRM protections.

Why is Denuvo hated?

Another reason why the Denuvo Anti-Cheat is so widely hated is because of its alleged performance impact. Denuvo’s Anti-Tamper tool is widely believed to impact gaming performance seriously. It is allegedly so bad that Tekken 7’s director, Katsuhiro Harada, blamed Denuvo for the poor performance of Tekken 7’s PC port.

Is Empress cracker a girl?

Empress says that as a child she was a “very strange girl who did not like the ‘Real World’ as much as other people seem to.” More than the average gamer, she says, she has always taken games seriously not just as a way to pass the time, but as places to go and be.

Is RDR2 pirated?

Rockstar’s own DRM managed to keep Red Dead Redemption 2 piracy-free for longer than most, with only Denuvo rivalling it. Unfortunately, this is likely going to have an impact on the game’s multiplayer, which already had issues with cheating.

Why did it take so long to crack RDR2?

According to DSOG, the reason why it’s taken Crackers so long to make a breakthrough is due to the combination of Rockstar Games using DRM’s and the Social Club to build a wall of protection. This is unlike GTA V, a title which has been cracked wide open and has a thriving modding community.

Why is Denuvo so hard to crack?

Then came Denuvo,which assigns a unique authentication “ticket” to each copy of a game, a sort of license shaped by all sorts of factors like hardware ID. Because Denuvo integrates with a game’s code, you can’t just crack it once and call it a day.

Who is 3DM?

3DM is a Chinese video game piracy group – a group of individuals specialized in cracking the digital rights management (DRM) applied to commercial PC video games. It was “one of the world’s biggest” such groups in and around 2016, according to Kotaku.

Who cracked Denuvo?

3DM, a Chinese warez group, first claimed to have breached Denuvo’s technology in a blog post published on 1 December 2014, wherein they announced that they would release cracked versions of Denuvo-protected games FIFA 15, Dragon Age: Inquisition and Lords of the Fallen.

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