What happened with Acacia Brinley?

What happened with Acacia Brinley?

Acacia, 23, announced in an Instagram post that she will quit influencing and step away from social media indefinitely. She is done monetizing her life, she said, and after months of debate, has decided it is “time to move on.” The negatives of being an influencer finally outweigh the positives.

What is Acacia Kersey known for?

Acacia Kersey (born 22 October 1997, Age: 23 Years) is a famous American Instagram star, social media influencer, Youtuber, pop singer, content creator, actress, model, and entrepreneur from Boston, Massachusetts, United States. She is famously known in the country for her social media appearances.

What happened to Acacia Kerseys baby?

Luckily their daughter, Rosemary arrived safely and is now a month old, healthy and doing well. However, Acacia was forced to explain that there was nothing wrong with the newborn because so many people were passing remarks on her appearance.

What’s wrong with acacia Kerseys daughter?

This birth defect is called agenesis of the corpus callosum (ACC). ACC is one of the most common congenital brain abnormalities and it affects approximately 2 to 7 out of every 1,000 newborns, states the publication.

Who was Acacia?

Acacia Brinley is a pop singer who is famous for being the lead vocalist of the American band ‘Watercolor’. She is also immensely popular on YouTube for having a channel under the name ‘Acaciacutie’ on which she uploads videos of her daily life.

What condition does acacias baby have?

Why did Acacia Kersey leave Instagram?

Influencer Acacia Kersey Quits Social Media After ‘Immense Amount of Damage’ The YouTube/Instagram star told her fans that “fear” had kept her online for longer than she wanted to admit. Acacia Kersey revealed she is quitting social media after enduing an “immense amount of damage” from her role as an influencer.

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