What happens after a 363 sale?

What happens after a 363 sale?

Bankruptcy court approves the sale of the assets The motion for approval may request the court to expedite the bidding process. The approval of procedures may take up to seven days, after which the debtor informs interested buyers of the auction. The court may allow up to 30 days for the bidders to place bids.

What are three examples of a dischargeable debt?

A dischargeable debt is one you are no longer responsible for paying after filing for bankruptcy….Some common examples of dischargeable debts include:

  • Payments on motor vehicles.
  • House payments.
  • Debts related to your business.
  • Credit card debts.
  • Personal loans.

What is a stalking horse buyer?

In bankruptcy cases, a stalking-horse bid refers to a deal with a potential buyer that is hidden from the public, creditors, and the courts. Usually, when a company is preparing to file bankruptcy, it chooses an entity from a pool of interested bidders to make the first bid to buy the company’s assets.

How does credit bidding work?

At the foreclosure sale, which is an auction, the lender will usually make a “credit bid.” With a credit bid, the lender bids the debt that the borrower owes. Basically, the lender gets a credit in this amount. The lender can bid the full amount of the debt, including foreclosure fees and costs, or it might bid less.

Can a company come back from Chapter 11?

Key Takeaways. Filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy allows a company to restructure its debts. In some cases, companies are able to emerge from bankruptcy stronger than ever. General Motors, Texaco, and Marvel Entertainment are three of many companies that have emerged from bankruptcy successfully.

What happens to my pension if my company files Chapter 11?

A Chapter 11 (reorganization) usually means that the company continues in business under the court’s protection while attempting to reorganize its financial affairs. A Chapter 11 bankruptcy may or may not affect your pension or health plan.

Is a stalking horse bid legally binding?

For example, if no one shows up at the auction, the stalking horse may wonder if it overbid for the assets. Once the bankruptcy court approves the stalking horse agreement, it becomes binding on all parties and difficult, if not impossible, to renegotiate.

What is a topping fee?

In a 363 auction a type of break-up fee that the debtor agrees to pay to an initial proposed purchaser (the stalking horse) if the proposed purchaser is not the prevailing bidder in the auction.

How is credit bid calculated?

A ‘full credit bid’ is a bid ‘in an amount equal to the unpaid principal and interest of the mortgage debt, together with the costs, fees and other expenses of the foreclosure.