What happens if an interface extends another interface?

What happens if an interface extends another interface?

Extending Interfaces An interface can extend another interface in the same way that a class can extend another class. The extends keyword is used to extend an interface, and the child interface inherits the methods of the parent interface. The following Sports interface is extended by Hockey and Football interfaces.

Can an interface inherit another interface?

Interfaces can inherit from one or more interfaces. The derived interface inherits the members from its base interfaces. A class that implements a derived interface must implement all members in the derived interface, including all members of the derived interface’s base interfaces.

Why would an interface extend another interface?

The purpose of one interface extending, not implementing another, is to build a more specific interface. For example, SortedMap is an interface that extends Map .

Can we Extends interface?

🔔 An interface can extend another interface. 🔔 An interface can not extend multiple interfaces. 🔔 An interface can implement neither an interface nor a class. 🔔 The class that implements child interface needs to provide code for all the methods defined in both child and parent interfaces.

Can interface extend another interface example?

An interface contains variables and methods like a class but the methods in an interface are abstract by default unlike a class. An interface extends another interface like a class implements an interface in interface inheritance.

Can an interface extend another interface write example?

Example of interface extends another interface in java Note that even though class XYZ is implementing the interface B, the interface A is automatically available to the class as interface B is extending the interface A. The class has to implements both the methods from interface A and B i.e. fa() and fb().

Can a class extend multiple interfaces?

Yes, it is possible. This is the catch: java does not support multiple inheritance, i.e. class cannot extend more than one class. However class can implement multiple interfaces.

Can an interface extend an abstract class?

An interface can extend another Java interface only, an abstract class can extend another Java class and implement multiple Java interfaces. A Java class can implement multiple interfaces but it can extend only one abstract class.

Can an interface extend multiple interfaces explain with examples?

Answer is: Yes. An interface may be declared to be a direct extension of one or more other interfaces, meaning that it implicitly specifies all the member types, abstract methods, and constants of the interfaces it extends, except for any member types and constants that it may hide.

Do interfaces extend or implement?

extends is for extending a class. The difference between an interface and a regular class is that in an interface you can not implement any of the declared methods. Only the class that “implements” the interface can implement the methods.

Can an interface implement an interface?

An interface can extend any number of interfaces but one interface cannot implement another interface, because if any interface is implemented then its methods must be defined and interface never has the definition of any method.

Can an interface extend another interface Mcq?

Explanation: Classes always implements an interface. An interface can extends another interface or multiple interfaces.

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