What happens if signature mismatch in PAN card?

What happens if signature mismatch in PAN card?

You need to submit an application indicating your latest signature and request the authority for the correction. In that way, mismatches can be eliminated from both Aadhar Card and PAN Card including your Bank Account.

How long does it take to change PAN card signature?

There is not a stated time declared by the Authority. But, Normally it takes almost 15–30 days for rectification in PAN data. You can wait & check status of your rectification request online using acknowledgement number provided to you. Follow below steps for correction/change in name in PAN card.

Does signature matter on PAN card?

Yes, the signature is necessary for PAN card. A PAN card without a signature is not considered valid and not eligible for online PAN verification.

Can I have different signatures on PAN card and Aadhar card?

Signature on identity-related documents like Adhar card, Pan card, Passport, etc need to be the same but you can have a different signature in the bank. The reason to have a uniform signature in ID-related documents is to use them as ID proof.

Is signature necessary in PAN card?

Yes, to avail Online PAN Verification facility, Digital Signature Certificate is compulsory. DSC is required for making registration and verifying PANs online.

Can I use different signatures?

Although Kumaraswamy says it is illegal for one individual to have two or more signature styles, legal experts say there is no specific law in India barring two different styles of signatures by one individual.

Can we change signature?

Procedure to change signatures: In India, there are neither any laws to govern the handwritten or physical signatures nor any procedures that are required to be followed in case of changing the signature.

Can I have two signatures?

It is perfectly legal to have two signatures, say one for the cheque book and the other for other official works.

Is it too late to change my signature?

Although it’s never too late to consider a few alterations in the signature, in my experience the best time for a signature change is when you are above 16 years of age. The 16 to 25 age group is ideal for a signature correction, because this is the time when most people zero in on a particular signature style.

Can I have different signatures?

Is it OK to change signature?

A person is free to change a signature, and most people do alter the way they write their names between childhood and adulthood. But since there is no “legal signature,” you don’t need to know how to change your signature legally.