What happens to Campbell on Degrassi?

What happens to Campbell on Degrassi?

He committed suicide following the events of Bitter Sweet Symphony (1) due to stress, anxiety issues, loneliness, depression, and an apparent psychological disorder.

Who was Maya’s boyfriend that killed himself in Degrassi?

Tragically, their relationship ended when Cam, who had been suffering from severe depression, committed suicide when convinced that Maya would be better off without him in her life.

What Degrassi is Campbell?

“Degrassi: The Next Generation” Bitter Sweet Symphony: Part 1 (TV Episode 2013) – Dylan Everett as Campbell Saunders – IMDb.

Did Dylan cheat Marco?

Marco and Dylan started their first relationship in It’s Raining Men, though Marco had been interested in Dylan for some time prior. They broke up in Moonlight Desires because Dylan cheated on Marco and wanted an open relationship.

Who all got pregnant in Degrassi?

Mia is the sixth female to go through teenage pregnancy. The others being Spike, Erica, Tessa, Manny, Liberty, Jenna , Vanessa, Clare and Lola. Mia is the first person in Degrassi: The Next Generation to actually keep and raise her child.

What was Campbell’s personality in Degrassi?

Campbell “Cam” Saunders (1997-2013) was a sophomore (Grade 10) at Degrassi. Like his Junior Hockey teammates, Campbell was a strong athlete. However, unlike his teammates, Cam was good-hearted, gentle, nice, shy, cool, and sweet. He got along with almost everyone, but was awkward with girls due to being new in the romance department.

What happened to Campbell and Maya in Degrassi?

In Degrassi: Las Vegas, Campbell and Maya are briefly seen at Maya’s house with Katie and Jake, Maya mentions Campbell is spending the break with his family while she’ll have no-one to spend it with, implying that Tori and Tristan aren’t speaking to her and she’s not talking to Zig.

What happened to Cam in Degrassi?

Cam mysteriously disappears and is not at the steps anymore, where he was supposed to meet Maya. Due to his mental illness and everything that has happen so far, Cam has an emotional breakdown and commits suicide in the Degrassi’s greenhouse that night.

Who was the second character to die in Degrassi?

He was the second regular to die in the franchise, the first being J.T., and the third being Adam. He was the eighth character to die overall, the others being John Wheeler and Helen Wheeler, Claude, Dr. Manning, Rick, J.T, Anson, Paula and Adam. He was the second character in Degrassi history to commit suicide. The first was Claude.

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