What high schools are in Dublin?

What high schools are in Dublin?


  • Dublin Coffman High School.
  • Dublin Jerome High school.
  • Dublin Scioto High School.
  • Chapman Elementary School.
  • Riverside Elementary.

Is Muckross a fee paying school?

Muckross Park College (Irish: Páirc Mhucrois) is a non fee paying Catholic secondary school for girls, located in Donnybrook, Dublin, Ireland.

How many Irish schools are there in Dublin?

50 Irish
County Dublin has over 50 Irish language-medium schools attended by over 13,000 pupils.

What is the biggest secondary school in Ireland?

It is the largest school in Ireland, and (as of 2018) had over 1500 students enrolled….Gorey Community School.

Gorey Community School Pobalscoil Ghuaire
Established 1993
Principal Michael Finn
Enrollment 1,540 (2018)
Website GoreyCS.ie

How many high schools are in Dublin?

3 high schools
Dublin Unified School District contains 3 high schools.

What are the fees for Wesley College Dublin?


Year level Annual fee for weekly boarding (Mon – Fri) Annual fee for full boarding (Mon – Sun)
Years 9 – 12 $22,200 $27,000

What is the difference between a private school and a fee paying school?

Whilst independent schools are overseen by a board of governors or trustees, private schools are run by the owners, thus are comparatively more selective. On the contrary, government-funded schools are labelled as state schools, as most provide education free of charge.

Is education free in Dublin?

Public schooling in Dublin is of an excellent standard. By law, any child in Dublin can attend public school whatever their parents’ visa status, and they can do so for free.

How many Irish secondary schools are there in Ireland?

Education in the Republic of Ireland

Department of Education Department of Further and Higher Education
Total 1,091,635
Primary 544,696
Secondary 372,296
Post secondary 174,640

How many children are there in Drumcondra primary school?

The school is under Church of Ireland management and is part of the parish of Drumcondra, North Strand and St. Barnabas. There are currently 61 children on roll. Drumcondra N.S. has one Special Educational Needs/Support teacher and a school secretary.

Why choose Dr Drumcondra National School?

Drumcondra National School has a proud history of providing the very best education for the children of Drumcondra and beyond. The school is under Church of Ireland management and has strong links with the Parish.

Who was the first principal of Dr Drumcondra?

Drumcondra N.S opened on 20 August 1906, with 67 children on the roll. At that time, the Reverend E.H. Lewis-Crosby was the rector of the parish of Drumcondra and he was the driving force behind the opening of the school. Thomas Boyd was the first principal and Annie Watt was the assistant teacher.

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