What hurricane happened in September 2004?

What hurricane happened in September 2004?

Powerful Hurricane Ivan Slams the Central Gulf Coast. as a Category 3 Hurricane. September 16, 2004. At 150am on 16 September 2004, powerful Hurricane Ivan made landfall just west of Gulf Shores, AL as a Category 3 Hurricane.

What is the name of the hurricane that hit in 2004?

The first of three major hurricanes to make landfall in Florida of 2004, Charley was the strongest hurricane to strike the entire U.S. since Hurricane Andrew in 1992. Hurricane Frances made its initial landfall in Martin County, FL on September 5, 2004, as a Category 2 hurricane.

What storm happened in 2004?

The Atlantic hurricane season officially began on June 1, 2004. However, the first system, Hurricane Alex, did not develop until July 31. It was an above average season in which 16 tropical cyclones formed. All but one tropical depression attained tropical storm status, and nine of these became hurricanes.

How many deaths did Hurricane Ivan cause?

123Hurricane Ivan / Total fatalities

What were the four hurricanes in Florida in 2004?

Florida experienced four unique storms in 2004, and though the names Charley, Frances, Ivan, and Jeanne were retired by the World Meteorological Organization and will never be used again, the threats posed by each of those storms are still a factor today.

Which Florida hurricane crossed twice?

It was the third named storm, the second hurricane, and the second major hurricane of the 2004 Atlantic hurricane season….Hurricane Charley.

Category 4 major hurricane (SSHWS/NWS)
Hurricane Charley near peak intensity shortly before landfall in Florida on August 13
Formed August 9, 2004

Did Myrtle Beach get a hurricane in 2004?

Hurricane Charley: August 2004 The center of Charley made landfall just north of Myrtle Beach with winds of up to 75 mph, according to the National Weather Service. About 180,000 people evacuated the Grand Strand after former Gov.

What was the worst hurricane to ever hit Florida?

The deadliest hurricane in Florida’s recent recorded history is also its costliest. Hurricane Irma made landfall along the Florida Keys destroying homes and boats and causing widespread power outages as well as extensive tree damage to the Florida islands. In Miami-Dade County, about 1,000 homes sustained major damage.