What Indian tribes lived in Logansport Indiana?

What Indian tribes lived in Logansport Indiana?

Logansport and Cass County were once home to the Miami and Pottawattomie Indians. They were hunters, and still lived in a primitive state when the first settlers arrived in Cass County. The Miami Indians, once called the Twightwees, became friends of the French. The French called them MIAmis (Miamis), my friends.

Who were the prehistoric tribes in Indiana?

The Algonquian group also included the Delaware, Potawatomi, Kickapoo and Shawnee tribes. Out of all of these tribes the Miami were the largest. The Miamis lived in villages that were usually along waterways and trails throughout the state.

How did Logansport Indiana get its name?

Logansport was settled circa 1826 and named for a half Shawnee solider named James Renick-Logan, better known as “Captain Logan” who served as a scout for U.S. forces in the surrounding area during the War of 1812. Logansport was established as an Indian agency and trading post as the frontier moved westward.

What tribes still have land in Indiana?

The only major tribes remaining in Indiana were the Miami and the Potawatomi, and both of them were already confined to reservation lands under the terms of previous treaties.

How big is Logansport Indiana?

10.72 mi²Logansport / Area

Who were the first Native Americans in Indiana?

Over the years, Indiana was considered home to several different indigenous tribes, like the Miami, Wea, Piankashaw, Shawnee, Eel River, Delaware and Potowatomi.

How many Indian tribes were there in Indiana?

There are two tribes that have land in Indiana. However there are many other tribal members of other federally recognized tribes that live in Indiana, approximately, 25,000.

What happened to the Miami Indians in Indiana?

Between 1812 and 1840, they gradually disposed of most of their Indiana lands except for one tract. In exchange, the United States government gave them land in the northeastern corner of Oklahoma, then Indian Territory. By 1867, most of the tribe had removed to Oklahoma.

Where did the Miami tribe originally come from?

Originating in the area south of Lake Michigan, the Miami resided near present Green Bay, Wisconsin, circa 1650. During the early 1700s they dwelled near present Fort Wayne, Indiana, where Kekionga, their principal village, was located. They ceded their Indiana land by treaties between 1818 and 1840.

Did Cherokee live in Indiana?

In the late nineteenth and early twentieth century other Native American groups migrated to Indiana, a large portion of them were Cherokee. The Miami Nation of Indiana is concentrated along the Wabash River.

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