What is 11 letter Indian city name?

What is 11 letter Indian city name?

PONDICHERRY is the Indian City with 11 Letters.

What are the old names of Indian cities?

Old Name & New Name

Old Name New/Modern Name
Calcutta Kolkata
Calicut Kozhikode
Madras Chennai
Bombay Mumbai

Which are the old name of two Indian cities?

Old and New Names of Cities in India

# New Name Old Name
1. Chennai Madras
2. Kolkata Calcutta
3. Mumbai Bombay
4. Vadodara Baroda

What city starts with the letter E in India?

Eachur Munderi Eachur
Erandol Erattupetta
Ernakulam Erode
Errabore Erumapatti
Erumeli Erumeli North

Which city has fruit name?

Answer: The 11- letter Indian City which fulfils all the given conditions is “Pondicherry”.

Which is the largest city in India area wise?

List of cities in India by area

Rank City Area (km2)
1 Delhi 1,397.3
2 Bengaluru 741
3 Visakhapatnam 681.96
4 Hyderabad 650

What Delhi called now?

National Capital Territory of Delhi
The Constitution (Sixty-ninth Amendment) Act, 1991 declared the Union Territory of Delhi to be formally known as National Capital Territory of Delhi.

What is the new name of Pune?

Anglicized to Poona in 1857 by the English during British rule, the city’s name was changed to Pune in 1978.

Which Indian city name ends with fruit?

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