What is 16pt in GSM?

What is 16pt in GSM?

Paper Weight Comparison Chart

Stock Weight (gsm)
13pt Pulp 200gsm
16pt 350gsm
17pt Smooth Uncoated (100% Recycled) 350gsm
18pt Brown Kraft (100% Recycled) 315gsm

What does 16pt paper mean?

16pt cardstock is thicker than 14pt, and as a result, has a higher quality feel. The added thickness also makes it more durable and longer lasting than 14pt.

How do you convert PT to GSM?

PT to GSM Conversion Chart

  1. 16pt = 350gsm.
  2. 18pt = 400gsm.
  3. 24pt = 460gsm.
  4. 40pt = 600gsm.

What is the GSM of 14PT paper?

Paperboard Thickness and Grammage Conversion Table

白卡纸,单铜(SBS C1S) 哑粉纸,铜版纸(Art Paper)
14PT 265g 14PT
15PT 280g 16PT
16PT 296g 18PT

How thick is a 350 GSM paper?

0.5 mm
Tradicional (cellulose) and cotton paper thickness difference

GSM (g/m^2) Traditional Premium Papers Pure Cotton Papers
300 0.6 mm (0.024″)
350 0.5 mm (0.02″)
430 0.8 mm (0.03″)
485 0.65 mm (0.025″)

What is 110gsm paper?

Great quality, all purpose paper for painting, sketching etc. Available in 4 sizes. It has medium tooth finish and high strength with good whiteness, suitable for pen and ink, painting, pencil and crayon work.

What is the weight of 14 pt paper?

Table comparition between Thickness and Weight

Inches Cardstock by Inches Cardstock by Weight
0.009 inches 9 pt Cardstock 65 lb Cardstock
0.010 inches 10 pt Cardstock 80 lb Cardstock
0.012 inches 12 pt Cardstock 100 lb Cardstock
0.014 inches 14 pt Cardstock 104 lb Cardstock

What is 100gsm paper?

100 gsm is our standard white paper stock for colour printing. It is often used for letters, compliment slips, forms and surveys etc. 120 gsm. Better quality thickness. 120 gsm paper is a better quality option offering less transparency.