What is a BA Flag Code Army?

What is a BA Flag Code Army?

Flag codes are two letters, the first is the reason and the second is the status. A is for Adverse Action. Usually it’s an AA flag until its removed. B is a separation flag and is shown as a BA flag until the person is separated.

How long can a Soldier be flagged for adverse action?

Active flags will then be reviewed and validated at least monthly by a soldier’s unit commander, and by the battalion-level commander when the flag has been in place for more than six months. Flags will be removed within three working days after a soldier’s status changes from unfavorable to favorable.

What does Ka flag code mean?

Noncompliance with Army Weight Control Program
“Noncompliance with Army Weight Control Program” (Flag code K). The effective date of the Flag is the date that the Soldier was found to be in noncompliance with AR 600–9.

What is Flag Code BA on an ERB?

In your case, the B stands for Elimination-field initiated and the A stands for an initial report. I guess you will have to talk to someone in your COC and find out why they entered this flag.

What does a flag mean in Army?

a suspension of personnel actions
According to AR 600-8-2, “flag” is an abbreviated term used to describe the initiation or removal of a suspension of personnel actions. When a Soldier’s status changes from favorable (meets the standard) to unfavorable (fails to meet the standard) a flag is initiated immediately.

What happens when a Soldier is flagged?

A flag is designed to suspend actions that are considered favorable to the Soldier until the Soldier has been trained and the original incident or action has been rectified or corrected. AR 600-8-2 does not list a requirement to counsel a Soldier upon the initiation of a flag.

Why do Soldiers wear the flag backwards?

Basically, the idea behind the backward American flag on Army uniforms is to make it look as though the flag is flying in the breeze as the person wearing it moves forward. During the Civil War, both mounted cavalry and infantry units would designate a standard bearer, who carried the flag into battle.

Can you deploy if flagged?

Bottom Line. No the flag cannot prevent your deployment forward.

Can a flagged Soldier deploy?

No the flag cannot prevent your deployment forward.