What is a better word for Secretary?

What is a better word for Secretary?

What is another word for secretary?

clerk executive secretary
assistant administrator
receptionist register
registrar personal assistant
clerical assistant clerical worker

What qualities does a secretary need?

Characteristics of a Good Secretary

  • be methodical, with a good eye for detail;
  • be well organised, with an orderly mind;
  • bring objectivity to the proceedings;
  • deal promptly with correspondence;
  • be able to take accurate notes of meetings;
  • make sure members receive all the necessary material;
  • bring the necessary material to the meeting;

Can one person be president and secretary?

Can the same person be the shareholder, director and all officers of a corporation? The required officers are President and Secretary. Most states allow one natural person to hold both offices and be the sole director of the corporation.

Who appoints the top management of the company?

Elected by the shareholders, the board of directors is made up of two types of representatives. The first type involves inside directors chosen from within the company. This can be a CEO, CFO, manager, or any other person who works for the company daily.

Who is higher chairman or secretary?

In indian government Secretary is the executive head of the department. A ministry may have one or more departments. Secretary is the senior most officer in the department. The rank or post of Chairman may be from Under Secretary level to even senior to Secretary level post.

How is post of the secretary terminated?

The Company secretary is appointed as a whole time employee of the Company. In order to remove the Company Secretary, the Company shall serve the notice of termination to the Company Secretary in terms with the Appointment Letter signed between the Company and the Company secretary.

Who is higher CEO or MD?

MD is the head of management (either shares the same importance of CEO / COO or is superior to them). A CEO has to guide the employees, and the executive officers whereas Managing Directors are held responsible for any action of the company. He is also accountable to the shareholders and bond.

Are treasurer and CFO the same?

A treasurer is responsible for managing financial risk for the company across credit, currency, interest rates and operations. In business, a CFO generally oversees the performance of a treasurer. The CFO is the highest financial officer in a company.

How do I remove a company secretary?

A secretary can be removed from a private limited company at any time by a simple majority vote of the directors or by ordinary resolution of the members, subject to any service contract in force. Likewise, a secretary may resign by giving notice in writing, subject to the terms of their service contract.

Can managing director be appointed as CFO?

The CFO may be appointed either by the board of directors or by the managing director unless such person is designated as a key managerial person under section 203. He shall be a person who is occupying the position as CFO having involved in day to day financial affairs of the company.

Which is the characteristic of a one person company?

Solved Example on One Person Company Has a distinct legal identity. Minimum paid-up capital of Rs 1 lakh is required. It must hold an annual general meeting within a year of incorporation. Sole member must name a nominee.

Is the CFO part of the board of directors?

CFOs should occupy a senior management position or be a member of the board but this is not always the case. In some jurisdictions as part of a unitary board structure, the CFO is a director of a company with statutory duties. This is a critical part of better business and management.

Is Secretary still a job?

It’s true that “secretary” is now mostly considered an old-fashioned title and has been largely replaced by “administrative assistant” or “executive assistant.” And it does read as at least a little tinged with sexism to many people now — kind of like calling a flight attendant a stewardess.

Is Board of Directors higher than CEO?

In simple terms, the CEO is the top senior executive over management while the board chairperson is the head of the board of directors. The CEO reports directly to the board of directors. By contrast, the board chairperson of a company is the head of its board of directors.

What is the difference between secretary and general secretary?

The General Secretary is the National Leader and Political head of the party. Secretary General : Secretary General is the chief administrator of the organization. He/She is the Administrative officer in an organization where the president / the Chairperson is the one in charge of the organisation.

Is COO higher than CFO?

The CFO, or Chief Financial Officer, only oversees the financial operations of a company and reports to the CEO. The COO, or Chief Operations Officer, oversees the day-to-day administrative and operational functions of a company and also reports to the CEO.

What skills does a secretary need?

Key skills for secretaries

  • Good communication, customer service and relationship-building skills.
  • Teamworking skills.
  • Organisation and time management skills.
  • Attention to detail.
  • Negotiation skills.
  • Assertiveness.
  • Flexibility.
  • Tact, discretion and diplomacy.

What is General Secretary?

Meaning of general secretary in English the person in charge of an organization, for example, a trade union (= an organization that represents workers) or political party: General secretary of the United Nations. What is the pronunciation of general secretary?

What is the goal of a secretary?

As a secretary, you’re in charge of keeping an office running smoothly in a professional environment. Depending on your industry, this could include anything from supporting colleagues to assisting clients to performing other administrative tasks.

Who is included in key managerial personnel?

According to Section 2(51) of the Companies Act 2013, Key Managerial Personnel in a Company are: -Chief executive Officer (CEO) OR the Managing Director. -Chief Financial Officer (CFO). -Company Secretary (CS).

What are the duties of a confidential secretary?

Confidential Secretaries provide administrative and clerical support to the executives of a corporation. Their duties include following dictated instructions, taking minutes, transcribing documents, preparing confidential reports, writing letters, taking phone calls, and making travel arrangements.

What is a union secretary?

Union Secretary means person appointed as Union Secretary in accordance with clause 52, and who is deemed to be the Secretary for the purposes of the Act.

Why do you want to work as a secretary?

Focus on relevant skills. Responsibility, positive attitude to work, ability to understand orders, ability to adapt, loyalty to the employer, etc. Alternatively you can summarize a role of a secretary in a single sentence, saying that a good secretary makes the job of their boss easier, and more pleasant.

What secretaries do in work?

A Secretary works in an office setting, conducting the daily business operations. Duties may include answering phones, taking meeting minutes, scheduling meeting or opening mail. They are often seen as the face of an organization.

What makes you the ideal candidate for this position Executive Secretary?

Go with things that are central for the job of an executive secretary, at least when you talk about strengths. Responsibility, diligence, strong administrative skills, confidentiality, ability to work quickly, multitasking, strong communication skills, … you name it.

Is Secretary a leadership position?

The critical leadership positions are the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The club’s officers and various event and committee chairs usually comprise the Board of Directors, which establishes policy and provides overall direction for all club activities.