What is a dead latch?

What is a dead latch?

What is a dead latch? A dead latch is similar to a deadlock, but with added functionality. Where deadlocks require a key or knob to set the deadlock mode, dead latches incorporate their own security latches, allowing them to lock automatically behind you once the door is closed.

Are Schlage handles interchangeable?

The new Schlage Custom Collection hardware line is designed with premium style and functionality in mind. This interchangeable system allows you to change hardware styles and designs in three easy steps without having to remove the inner core of the hardware.

How do you fix a stuck door lock latch that won’t retract?

How to fix a door latch not retracting

  1. Use a hammer. Sometimes, all you need to do to fix a door latch that won’t retract is grab a hammer and hit the latch a couple of times.
  2. Adjust the spindle.
  3. Lubricate the door latch.
  4. Tighten the screws.
  5. Clean the door lock.
  6. Realign the strike plate.
  7. Replace the door lock.

How do you take apart a Schlage?

Fortunately, they are easy to remove beforehand….How to Remove Schlage Locks

  1. Unscrew the mounting bolts located on the interior side of the door lock.
  2. Pull the interior handle away from the exterior handle, and set the two handles aside.
  3. Insert a screwdriver into one of the holes in the latch mechanism.

Are Schlage lever handles reversible?

Schlage gets around this problem by making its door handles reversible. You can reverse a Schlage door handle to fit your door, regardless of which side it’s handed on.

Do I need a right or left handed door handle?

To identify if you require a right-handed or left-handed lever handle, simply stand on the side of the door where the door closes towards you. If the door is hinged to the right, you require a right-handed lever handle. If the door is hinged to the left, you will need a left-handed lever handle.