What is a light woman about?

What is a light woman about?

A Light Woman is a poem that talks about love, friendship and loyalty which can be called common subjects in poetry. What makes this poem special is the way in which Robert Browning has used his characters to convey these traits in people.

What prevents Porphyria from giving her love to the speaker?

The speaker describes her as “mine, mine, fair, / Perfectly pure and good.” The repetition of the word “mine” emphasizes that Porphyria has become a possession, an object—something the speaker owns. And by strangling her, the speaker can keep her in that “pure and good” state.

What type of poem is a woman’s last word?

This poem, “A Woman’s Last Word” is a lyric poem in a dramatic mode, which explains the emotions after a quarrel with her lover. As Browning is a romantic poet, he has expressed the feelings of love, making up and all that is in making up a relationship.

What of soul was left I wonder when the kissing had to stop?

“Butterflies may dread extinction,—you’ll not die, it cannot be! “As for Venice and her people, merely born to bloom and drop, “Here on earth they bore their fruitage, mirth and folly were the crop: “What of soul was left, I wonder, when the kissing had to stop?

Why does Browning so often choose painters as the speakers for his monologues why not choose poets?

Browning uses artists, as opposed to poets, to explore this dilemma for the simple reason that the choice between high art and commerce was never really an issue for the Renaissance poet. At that time, poetry as an art form was restricted to a wealthy, educated elite.

What does Byron compare the beauty of the lady to?

The speaker compares a beautiful woman—who is walking—to a clear night sky full of bright stars. The finest light and darkness come together in harmony in this woman’s appearance, particularly within her eyes.

What does the last line in Porphyrias lover mean?

Lines 56-57 The speaker finally refers to her by name again, but it’s to refer to himself – he is “Porphyria’s love.” He says that Porphyria could never have guessed how her wish (to be with him forever) would be fulfilled. That’s probably the truest thing he’s said this whole poem.

What is the main complaint of the speaker against the lady referred to in the poem?

What is the main complaint of the speaker against the lady referred to in the poem? The lady did not value the Duke enough and treated him like she treated everyone else.

What is the desire of the wife in the poem a woman’s last word?

‘A Woman’s Last Word’ by Robert Browning is made up of a wife’s request to her husband that they stop arguing for the night and enter into a peaceful sleep. The poem begins with the speaker asking that they “contend no more.” The wife hopes her husband is willing to accept their proposal that their argument ceases.