What is a Ratiep in Islam?

What is a Ratiep in Islam?

The ratiep is a peculiarly South African trance-linked art form characterised by stabbings with sharp objects to the arms and other bodily parts, the piercing of the ear-lobes, the cheeks and the tongue by alwaan (skewers), the performance of certain standard dhikr to the accompaniment of the rebanna and dhol, and a …

What is the purpose of Ratiep?

10The ritual, called ratiep, is performed under the guidance of a spiritual leader known as a Khalifa. Enthusiasts say their only protection from certain death, is faith in their deity — Allah, and the ceremony cannot be performed without a Khalifa praying throughout. 1985 J.

Where are Cape Malay people originally from?

OOriginally, the Cape Malay people came from Indonesia (at that time known as the Dutch East Indies), among other South East Asian countries, and they were transported here as slaves by the Dutch East India Company. These slaves were the first people in South Africa to introduce Islam as a religion.

What is Cape Malay tradition?

The Cape Malay cuisine is possibly the most authentic and deep-rooted culinary tradition you will find in Cape Town. Cape Malay dishes blend the spices and flavours brought by the slaves from South-East Asia with the recipes of the Dutch settlers.

What is a Gadat?

The Gadat was created by the forefathers of Islam in the Cape. Many of them were servants and slaves. “The Gadat’s sound and tune were created because of slaves not being allowed to pray. Instead, they pretended to be singing.

What race is Cape Malay?

The Cape Malays are the only cultural group of their kind globally. They are a long standing people of South Africa who originally came as slaves, political prisoners or exiles from the Dutch East Indies and were brought from countries as spread out as India to Eastern Indonesia.

Where do Cape Coloureds come from?

Cape Coloureds (Afrikaans: Kaapse Kleurlinge) are a South African ethnic group consisted primarily of persons of mixed race and Khoisan descent. Although Coloureds form a minority group within South Africa, they are the predominant population group in the Western Cape.

What language does Cape Malay speak?

Language. The Cape Malay community are predominantly speakers of Afrikaans, with very few speakers of Malay languages left. This switch can be traced back to 1815 when Afrikaans started to supersede Malay in Muslim schools in South Africa.

What language do Coloureds speak?

Coloured people were the first speakers of the Afrikaans Language, that have evolved and was later called pure or true Afrikaans. The language was originally lower Dutch that was spoken amongst the different ethnic slaves to understand each other and also converse with their Dutch slave masters.

What is the largest religion in South Africa?

Christianity is the dominant religion in South Africa, with almost 80% of the population in 2001 professing to be Christian.

What are Coloureds called in America?

Colored (or coloured) is a racial descriptor historically used in the United States (during the Jim Crow Era) to refer to an African American. In many places, it may be considered a slur, though it has taken on a special meaning in Southern Africa.

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