What is a vaginal Colpectomy?

What is a vaginal Colpectomy?

A colpectomy is the surgical removal of all or part of the vagina. It is a minimally invasive and very successful way to treat pelvic organ prolapse in women that are no longer sexually active.

Is there a non invasive hysterectomy?

Minimally invasive, laparoscopic hysterectomies use small incisions and a special tool called a laparoscope. The laparoscope is a lighted tube outfitted with a small high-definition camera that affords the surgeon a clear view of the abdominal organs without the need for a large incision.

What is an Invaginal hysterectomy?

Vaginal hysterectomy is a surgical procedure to remove the uterus through the vagina. During a vaginal hysterectomy, the surgeon detaches the uterus from the ovaries, fallopian tubes and upper vagina, as well as from the blood vessels and connective tissue that support it, before removing the uterus.

What is the difference between Colpectomy and colpocleisis?

Reconstructive surgery corrects the prolapsed vagina and aims to restore normal anatomy, while OP (colpectomy and Le Fort colpocleisis) are defined as operations obliterating the vagina in elderly women who do not have active intercourse or a wish for future intercourse.

Can I get my vagina sewed up?

Colpocleisis is a type of obliterative surgery. The surgeon sews together the front and back walls of the vagina to shorten the vaginal canal. This prevents the vagina walls from bulging inward, and provides support to hold up the uterus. Reconstructive surgery is often performed through incisions in the abdomen.

What is the safest type of hysterectomy?

The American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) says the safest, least invasive and most cost-effective way to remove a uterus for non-cancerous reasons is a vaginal hysterectomy, rather than laparoscopic or open surgery.

What are the 3 types of hysterectomy?

Hysterectomy operation The operation may be performed via an incision (cut) in your lower abdomen (abdominal hysterectomy), three to four small incisions in your abdomen (laparoscopic hysterectomy), or through your vagina (vaginal hysterectomy).

Which type of hysterectomy is the best?

Will I gain weight after a hysterectomy?

It’s a fairly prevalent post-op side effect, even in the absence of adjustments to diet or physical activity level. A Journal of Women’s Health study concluded that there is indeed a greater chance of weight gain after a hysterectomy, especially in the first year.

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