What is an electrode array in a cochlear implant?

What is an electrode array in a cochlear implant?

For a CI, it’s the electrode array that provides the pivotal connection between the implant and the cochlea. The electrode array is the bit of technology that sends electric signals from the implant device (like a CONCERTO or SONATA) to the cochlea.

What is a single channel cochlear implant?

A single channel cochlear implant system utilizes an electrode array with only one electrode contact. This single channel allows for timing and loudness cues, but does not provide frequency information. Most modern implants are multi-channel devices.

How many electrodes are in a cochlear?

22 electrodes
Cochlear’s implant has 22 electrodes, with one current source (two, if the positive source and the negative source are counted separately, as MED-EL counts) shared among all of the electrodes. The current source fires one electrode after another, but it cannot fire more than one at a time.

Where are the electrodes in a cochlear implant?

The internal components; the receiver-stimulator, and the electrode, are surgically placed behind the ear, and the electrode is placed within the cochlea, respectively. The external components are worn much like a hearing aid, and consists of a microphone, processor and transmitter.

How do electrodes work in cochlear implant?

Electrical stimulation from the intracochlear electrodes takes the place of damaged cochlear structures or hai​r cell – nerve synapses. The auditory nerve (h) picks up the electrical signals from the electrodes and relays that information to the brain where it is interpreted as sound.

How many channels does cochlear implant have?

New Cochlear Implant Delivers 120 Channels.

How many channels are in a cochlear implant?

How many electrodes has a standard cochlea implant?

What does a cochlear implant do? A cochlear implant consists of two parts: the first is internal and implanted by surgery; the second is external and worn behind the ear (Figure 1). The internal part of the device comprises an array of 12 to 22 electrodes surgically implanted along the cochlea (Figure 2A).