What is an Isilon array?

What is an Isilon array?

An Isilon cluster consists of three or more hardware nodes, up to 144. Each node runs the Isilon OneFS operating system, the distributed file-system software that unites the nodes into a cluster. A cluster’s storage capacity ranges from a minimum of 18 TB to a maximum of 15.5 PB. Cluster administration.

What is EMC Isilon storage?

Dell EMC Isilon is a scale out network-attached storage platform offered by Dell EMC for high-volume storage, backup and archiving of unstructured data.

What is Isilon called now?

PowerScale label
Dell Technologies has rebranded Isilon with the PowerScale label. It’s not just a new name, but fresh hardware and some new features including S3 object access and a DataIQ data analytics.

Does Isilon use RAID?

Instead of using RAIDs, Isilon uses FEC (Forward Error Correction) and more specifically a Reed-Solomon algorithm to protect data on a cluster. It’s similar to RAID5 in how it generates a protection block (or blocks) for each stripe. But it happens on a software level, instead of hardware as in storage arrays.

What is EMC VNX storage?

The Dell EMC VNX series is a family of unified hybrid flash storage arrays that combine block-based and file-based storage solutions in a single platform. VNX arrays use the EMC SMI-S Provider open storage management interface.

What is FlexProtect in Isilon?

FlexProtect. Scans the file system after a device failure to ensure that all files remain protected. FlexProtect is most efficient on clusters that contain only HDDs. While there is a device failure on a cluster, only the FlexProtect (or FlexProtectLin) job is allowed to run.

What is the difference between Isilon and PowerScale?

Dell EMC PowerScale combines a modified version of the Isilon OneFS software tuned for Dell PowerEdge servers. The systems provide unified access to files and unstructured data.

Is Isilon an NFS?

Supported Protocol Versions. At this time Isilon OneFS supports NFS versions 3 and 4. NFS version 2 has not been supported since the move to the 7.2.

How does Isilon protect data?

The Isilon system uses the Reed-Solomon algorithm for N+M protection with Forward Error Correction (FEC). Protection is applied at the file level, enabling the cluster to recover data quickly and efficiently.

What is EMC PowerScale?

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