What is an upper division GE?

What is an upper division GE?

Upper-Division General Education — 9 Units Minimum Minimally, all of these courses have a prerequisite of Oral Communication (A1), Written Communication (A2), Critical Thinking (A3), and Mathematics/Quantitative reasoning (B4). Academic departments may choose to include additional prerequisites.

Is a C passing at Csula?

Minimum passing grades are D- for undergraduate credit and C for graduate credit (note: a C- does not count for graduate credit). However, University requirements or individual programs may have higher course grade requirements to successfully pass a course.

What does Wu mean Csula?

Unauthorized Withdrawal
WU (Unauthorized Withdrawal) indicates that an enrolled student did not withdraw from the course and failed to complete course requirements.

How many units can you take at Cal State LA?

Study Load for Undergraduate Students Students earning a C average or better may register for 18 semester units with department/division/school approval. Authorization for more than 18 units requires prior approval of an advisor and the department/division chair or school director.

What does Rd mean in Cal State LA?

registered dietitian nutritionist
The Post Baccalaureate Program in Nutritional Science at Cal State LA provides students who have a bachelor’s degree in a discipline outside of nutrition/dietetics with the knowledge and skills required by the Accreditation Council for Education in Nutrition and Dietetics Education (ACEND) to become an entry-level …

What is an A in California?

79 – 77 = C+ 69 – 67 = D+ 59 or < = F. 93 – 90 = A-

Can you double major at Csula?

Q: Can students declare a dual major? A: Yes. However, the two majors have to be completed at the same time and they must not exceed 120% of their original degree. For instance, most majors require 120 units to complete the degree.

How many units is a full time student Cal State LA?

Full-Time Undergraduate Student Undergraduate students taking 12 or more units are considered full-time for enrollment reporting purposes.